Firing Squad: Dominic Palarchio vs Hunter Gulan

Both riders have the same first name. Night versus day. Both images display pretty good style on some heavy features. But they can’t both win. This is a contest on who took the better photo.

Dominic’s photo is pretty epic with the night time silhouette and a mysterious light source exploding from his crotch. It’s so seductive. We expect some serious Instagram likes from this one. And that looks like some real icy conditions all around.

Hunter’s photo is gnarly. Not a huge fan of images with out of focus obstacles in the foreground but the composition is creative. The rider’s style is on point. And the obstacle itself is sick with good context. Next time, take the random snowboard and shovel out of the shot.

That said, this isn’t about me, it’s about you, so click one of the buttons and decide who scores a DAKINE camera pack.

The Firing Squad goes down once a month(ish) on Yobeat, courtesy of DAKINE and this month’s winning photographer will receive The Sequence 33L DAKINE camera pack, (so you’ll wanna win.) Since we only choose two photos a month, we ask that you make submissions good (this will also help keep Zimmerman’s blood pressure at a minimum.) You can submit photos at least 980 px wide to [email protected]

Check out past Firing Squad Winners in the Champions Gallery!


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  1. remos
    remos says:

    “pretty epic with the night time silhouette and a mysterious light source” can really tell zimmermans not in the office much

  2. FilmerD
    FilmerD says:

    For Hunter’s; Leading lines on the fence could have been stronger, instead you’ve just got a big nondescript mass of metal in the foreground just chillen there not doing too much. It looks like post processing also merked the shit out of the quality of the original shot.

    Not a huge fan of either photo but the contrast of the first shot is on point.

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