Yobeat’s Ultimate Guide to Summer Shredding: Argentina



Words: Andrew Burns. Photos: Ben Girardi

Argentina is one of the coolest places ever. The riding is unreal, I mean how could shredding pow in the summer be bad, but the food, culture, party scene, and people there make it a seriously amazing place to be.


Live as close to the mountain if you can, it dumps in meters sometimes and the roads will close while peeps at the base are snorkeling through the pow.

Working at SASS is the bomb! If you’re gringo and looking to make some extra loot… good luck… work is tough to find. Better bet, save up some loot and go as a camper. Adult camp at SGT is a nonstop party, and if you’re underage, you’ll still have a blast.


Ride all day every day! There are a bunch of resorts there, but the sick ones are Las Lenas for high alpine, and Cerro Catedral in Bariloche offers EVERYTHING! Powder lasts a lot longer down in Argy than in N.A. Get those turns under the chair, shred some old trees, gullies, big alpine lines, and kickers! They have decent parks too if it hasn’t snowed in a bit.

I dare you not to party. Shit pops from the pares scene, all the way till 7am. Mountain bars, casinos, steak houses, reggae bars, and discos!


Local knowledge: Don’t be a dumb gringo. Don’t speak English with a Spanish accent, you aren’t helping them understand, you’re just being an ass clown. Do hook up with some hot locals! They are bangin! Don’t forget: you aren’t at home! Respect these people cause they are the bomb. Go eat some steak and drink some wine, it’s the best in the world!

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