Yobeat’s Ultimate Guide To Summer Boarding: Mt. Hood



Why wasn’t Jesus born in Government Camp? Because there aren’t three wise men and a Virgin in the whole place. BADUMP CHAAAAA!!! But seriously, Govy is America’s summer snowboard mecca and a right of passage to many who hold snowboarding in the highest regards. If you are plotting a trip to the promised land, these are some good things to know.



You know what they say, “Come to Mount Hood, and live in a van.” Well, no one says that but a lot of people live in their vans. Many other  people’s choice is camping in the woods.The airstrip is free, but it’s just a giant dust field and when ever anyone drives in you are engulfed in a sandstorm that likely contains at least one cigarette butt. It’s kind of the noob’s choice, but hey! It might be a good place to meet other noobs and eventually get hated on by the diggers at HCSC! As for other camping options, avoid wherever you can avoid getting caught by the forest service, so be weary, and try to not to cause a scene. Oh ya, session 1 and 2 it sometimes snows, so…..that would suck.

Oh you mean you actually want walls and a place to take a dump? Why didn’t you say so!

The taco shop apartments:

$400 a month. Basically a college dorm room with a sink, and if I recall my hazy nights in there, shared bathrooms. Not a big deal if you know everyone in there, but I imagine sharing a shitter with some middle aged woman who worships NASCAR could gets weird… or fun… who knows!



I know some people hang around Windells and wait until someone inevitably gets fired. With one day inbetweens this year, some one is bound to crack! My personal recommendation would be to work at the adventure park at Ski Bowl. Run a zip line, say “shaka” to tourists, who knows you might enjoy yourself. I think you also get a discounted pass. You could also try Timberline Lodge running lifts, or try your luck at the many hotel jobs.



Public park is poppin’. Christian Hobush. 

Public Park is really your only option. You are not legally allowed to hike up with a snowboard without a lift ticket (people do it…sneakily) so hiking up and riding is fine and dandy until you get caught. I don’t know if “dig to ride” is still a thing, but there was once a time where you could be the kid who has to put up all the sponsor banners (the banner bitch) at 7 am and they would let you ride other park when you weren’t salting. If you don’t know a digger personally and you don’t have the intention of staying through the summer, I assure you, dig to ride is not worth it. I repeat, If you are only going to be there for a few days and you are not good enough at snowboarding to convince HCSC to just give you pass, It would be a better use of your time to ride public.


charlies copy

Charlie’s, the woods, or the Ratskellar are your choices. If you want to hang with the locals go to Charlies, if you’re looking for tourist babes, world cup games, growlers or infused liquor creations, go to the Rat.  If you’ve seen one night out in Gov’y though, you’ve probably seen them all. Beer. Fried food. Cig party outside. You know the drill.

Local Knowledge


Silent rock is REAL. Don’t sell things to the campers and not expect to get yelled at. Huckleberry shakes are overrated and too expensive. Their are no girls, but sometimes there are. But they are taken. This might matter. Probably doesn’t. Also, clean up your campsite and don’t be an asshole.

For more tips, check out the ones we wrote in 2012. Not that much has changed.

  • hey remember when you could get more then 4 laps a day at hood. Then everyone hyped the shit out of it on the web 🙁



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    Whose ever camped at the airstrip alone? My friends are being fags..