The Beastie Boys Win $1.7 Million of Monster Money

In a case that’s kind of a big deal if you care about intellectual property rights and giant corporations disregarding them for their own person promotion, then you’ll be interested to hear that the ruling is in in the case of Monster vs. Beastie Boys. After an 8-day trial, the band was awarded $1.7 million dollars.

Filed in August 2012, the lawsuit centered on an online video promoting an annual snowboarding competition the company organizes and sponsors in Canada called “Ruckus in the Rockies.”

The video, which Monster uploaded to YouTube, featured the competition and an after-party attended by DJs, including Z-Trip. It included a remix by Z-Trip of Beastie Boys songs, including “Sabotage,” “So Watcha Want” and “Make Some Noise.”

The four-minute video concluded with a sentence saying “RIP MCA.” Adam Yauch, a Beastie Boys member who went by “MCA,” died a day before the snowboarding event, after a battle with cancer.

The good news for Monster is, they can probably afford it, although the company plans to appeal, of course.

Link: Chicago Tribune