Yobeat’s Ultimate Guide to Summer Boarding: New Zealand

Alex Stewart, The Remarkables, NZ 3

You could ride slush this summer. Or you could ride this. 

Words: Alex Stewart, Photos Will Linstead

New Zealand is a shred paradise, The last of its kind, Where no one is too cool for Hi-fives or to busy for a little aprés “brewski.” Where we shred active volcanos and use tractors instead of chairlifts. We are the nation of binge drinking and bad haircuts but just on day shredding here will reignite all the stoke you didn’t know you had already lost.


You have 3 choices:

-Buy a camper and live life on the road, hitting the club fields dotted around the country.

-If you’re a little wild there’s only one place to go. Be it one week or the whole season, Queenstown with more then 100 bars clubs and restaurants in a town now bigger then the palm of your hand and placed perfectly in the centre of the southern alps its the MECCA for snowboard lifestyle

-If you’re a little more reclusive you want to try find yourself a place in Wanaka a sweet little shed town just an hour far from Queenstown, but super close to some epic resorts

Alex Stewart, Arrowtown, NZ


If you’ve come to NZ to shred then steer clear of working for a resort, they are New Zealand’s modern day slave drivers, and you’ll be lucky to get 1 day a week to ride. Get into town early season around the end of may start of June, the job hunt can be pretty cut throat so I recommend you apply a little creative license to your resumé where you can.

Alex Stewart, Snowpark, NZ

Snowpark NZ, RIP


Backcountry anywhere in NZ is the bomb when it’s on, but you better be keen to get up early because split boarders here have nothing but cocaine and Red Bull flowing through their veins.

Cardronna – Near to Wanaka is the home of high, steep rails, a big triple line, 2 pipes, and a speedy quad chair. If you’re invested in really stepping your game up shredding, there is the key.

Remarkables – Near to Queenstown, the park with the best vibes and most creative setup. Unfortunately an outdated lift makes lapping painful, but bearable.

Alex Stewart, The Remarkable, NZ 1

They don’t call it the Remarkables for nothing. 

Go to Queenstown. The alcohol is cheaper then the water and everyday is a Saturday. You’ll find mechanical bulls, ice bars, Tequila Hardman’s and the occasional Wednesdays, people with mustaches or ginger hair drink for free.

Local Knowledge: You can Hitch hike EVERYWHERE! No one’s going to kidnap you and it’s a more reliable means of transport then buying a Subaru.

Alex Stewart, The Remarkables double image

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  1. Jackson
    Jackson says:

    Best place for All mountain Terrain riding is in the North Island. At Mt. Ruapehu there two resorts on it Whakapapa (pronounced Fuck-a-papa) and Turoa

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