Spedelli’s is Closing May 31st

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Salt Lake City’s favorite snowboard clubhouse is shutting down (for now) on May 31st. Spedelli’s known for greasy food and good times was a must visit for any snowboard enthusiast, but according to a post on its Facebook, the party is coming to an end.

HELLO EVERYONE! As many of you have heard, or havn’t heard, this is officially our last week of business at our current location. Our building has been sold, and our time here has come to an end. We will be moving and re-opening as soon as we possibly can, however, we currently do not have a new location lined up. We will notify the world in every way we can, once we know where we are going. After 2.5 years at such an awesome location, we are truly bummed to be moving, but know that our new restaurant can only be better than the old! So come get your Spedelli’s fix in the next few days because its going to be a short while before we are able to resume operations. We hope you all have an amazing summer and are looking forward to seeing you at our newer, better, more awesome, restaurant of the future! Our last day of operations will be Saturday, May 31st, which will be followed by an after party of epic proportions! CHEERS and thanks to every single one of you for helping to make us the succesful eatery that we are today! LONG LIVE PIZZA

So like, don’t miss the party, dudes.

  • yobeatshitanddie

    RIP hot snake sundays I hardly knew ye

  • yep

    that’s too bad they should move by the U of U or Park City

    • shumonkey

      Nah, the U is too far from the resorts, there’s no parking, and they’d be competing directly with the Pie which wouldn’t work. Park City’s a ghost town from May to October and from they’d have to quadruple their prices to pay Summit County rent. Another spot near Foothill or Millcreek would be better IMHO.


        a whole bunch of property with business buildings is getting put in at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon just south of 711 on the hill

    • basshole

      says the U student who rides at park city

  • surriously?

    Pretty dramatic headline considering they plan to reopen. Pay per click bait.

  • col. forbin

    should put it close to the Cottonwood canyons, nothing good to eat around there, and start serving breakfast

    • shumonkey

      I don’t anticipate those fellas getting up early to make breakfast for anyone. Maybe to hit some powder, but not to serve breakfast…