People’s Court: Aaron Kiser vs Jed Sky


Kids these days sure pick some weird music and editing styles.


The winner of this week’s battle will receive a pair of super limited Yobeat x 686 Mitts.  Want to be a part of the People’s Court? Send your edit to [email protected] You can be sponsored to enter, just not getting paid, son.

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  1. boneyballsack
    boneyballsack says:

    the first edit was absolute shit and not funny, and the second guy has a coach so fuck him. Kenny G all the way

  2. Trillbo Swaggins
    Trillbo Swaggins says:

    Wow yobeat this is a stupid match up, first guy had 60% tube tricks whereas the second guy spun over a motherfucking fighter jet

    • anono
      anono says:

      YEA. Seriously. Can we get some sick pow footage vs some street riding for the next peoples’ court? Maybe we can figure out which is the best for marketing!?!?!?!

  3. Yobeat shit
    Yobeat shit says:

    you guys fucking blow it at matching up peoples court every single time! how can you compare a jumper to a rail rider? learn how to snowboard if your gunna be the one setting these up you fucking idiots at yobeat

  4. Ass man
    Ass man says:

    why would you try and compare an edit with all rails to an edit with jumper style? you guys can’t match up the right edits for the life of you. you need to compare to guys with the similiar style if you want to make it fair. I honestly don’t think whoever is in charge or this shit even knows what there doing!

  5. stupidfuckinghood
    stupidfuckinghood says:

    Hated everything about jeds edit. Soggiest rail riding and take off that fucking hood.

  6. fuckyourjumps
    fuckyourjumps says:

    Aarons tube riding was fucking dope + that smooth jazz. Wasnt a serious edit but it was watchable and entertaining.


      He’s really good but that wasn’t a really good edit. If his edit wasn’t filmed on a go pro I could agree with you.

      • zuckerkron
        zuckerkron says:

        Yup, ol’ Jed just needs some good filming and editing, he’s a destroyer (even if he does do some borderline spin-to-win-ish stuff). CrazyfuckingwildstyleIfuckingloveit.

  7. the fake dan
    the fake dan says:

    The first one was funny for like 15 seconds but after that I would like to see a serious edit

  8. Yo Mamma
    Yo Mamma says:

    If you thought Aaron’s Edit was better then you are a dumbass! the filming was garbage, it was the same tricks on the same feature with different angles, the yellow filter was shit! And what the hell was that stall thing where he switched his stall on a flat bar like 10 times before jumping of while wiggling like a snake with its head cut off! Also the music sucked ass! I dozed off halfway through because it sucked that bad!
    Jed on the Other hand freakin rips! I had no complaints about his part! solid style and a good bag of tricks! nicely done.
    This people’s court was not a fair match up at all.

  9. Djstanknutz
    Djstanknutz says:

    My edit was made with 3 sessions of filming, that was that dudes entire season edit. I say his edit is better than mine, but mine was made to use abunch of tube clips and be funny it’s not my season edit.

  10. FuckingStupid
    FuckingStupid says:

    This is stupid, everyone hating on Kiser needs to shut the fuck up. You can’t even compare these videos, one is an edit that was intended to be funny and the other is some kids video he spent all season getting his best clips for. Stupid match up. Aaron is the nicest kid and he fucking rips and has the sickest style.

  11. jhard
    jhard says:

    ur all fuckin retarded and sound like a bunch of girls gossiping over shit that doesn’t matter.

  12. soggybobby
    soggybobby says:

    jed you suck your soggier than soggy bobby…. you swivel you smith, hurricane, feeble, willygrind, either you have a stupid ass helmet under that stupid fucking hood, or your head is as big as a bowlingball. holy fuck. even your megaramp game is soggy ass fuck. is it the bindings or just the fact you have mostly soggy park footy in your season edit?! 2013-14!!!

  13. Stony Balogna
    Stony Balogna says:

    Jeds the realist kid out, loves snowboarding with everything hes got, and he reps NH hard!

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