Max Lyons Gets Catfished on Hump Day



Words Chas Truslow. Photos: Erik Hoffman

How many times have you heard the phrase, “the world is a small place” and rolled your eyes? I mean, there are well over 7 Billion people on Earth, how can anyone think that it’s small? Well Max Lyons is my proof that the phrase is very true.

When I was in 7th grade, my friend Evan and I used to spend all our time skating around the neighborhood. We would always see these two young gingers skating outside their house. My friend Evan babysat for them and refused to ever stop to talk with them. All he would tell me was that they both, “needed to be on Adderall.” Since then, I had totally forgotten about these two little gremlins until this year.

I ended up meeting Max last summer out at Windell’s. He was an awkward, pale, lanky camper with a great sense of humor who was also a damn good snowboarder. Over the course of the winter, Max and I became good friends and got to ride together a bunch.

I watched Max progress leaps and bounds this season, from his time at Killington’s preseason park to closing day laps at Mt. Snow. Jumps, rails, or pipe Max brings effortless style and a deep bag of tricks. It wasn’t until late in the season that I learned that Max grew up 5 blocks from me in Massachusetts. Not only that, he happened to be in my brother’s class before he moved to Vermont. If that wasn’t enough, I figured out that the two young kids in desperate need of ADHD medications were Max and his brother. Needless to say, I am now a true believer that the world is a very small place.


From camper to staff. Watch out, kids. 

How old are you and how’d you end up riding at Mt. Snow?

I’m 18 years young and started riding at mount snow when my family moved to Vermont when I was in 3rd grade. In Vermont, if you go to public school you have a choice to ski, snowboard or ice skate for half a day every week called a “Winter Sports Day”. My first day of school happened to be a “Winter Sports Day” so the school forced me to ski for some reason. Apparently I made it down the bunny hill without falling so they put me in a more advanced group. I got scared when I got off the lift at the top of the mountain, started crying and had to be carried down to the bottom. After that I instantly wanted to switch to snowboarding and hated skiing.

Did kids at your new school make fun of you for being soft and crying at the top of the mountain?

Nah, I don’t think anyone else knew how to ski. Either that or third graders are so cruel that they berated me so badly I blocked it out of my mind. Probably the second one…Elementary School is rough man. [Laughter]

Speaking of Elementary School, you originally lived in the same town as me before moving to Vermont right?

Yeah man, Milton, Massachusetts, one of the many sweet suburbs of Boston. [Laughter] It has to be the whitest town I’ve been in. This one time my brother had a little “concert” when he was 5 and our neighbor called the cops on him and filed a noise complaint [Laughter]


Who needs the streetz when your park looks like this?

I was talking with my brother tonight and it ends up that you two were in the same class in Elementary school. Small world. He told me you used to rock cornrows all the time at school. What was with that?

Were we? Damn it is a small world! Yeah in 2nd or 3rd grade, I was really into basketball and played in some weird league in inner-city Boston. It was all hood kids on my team, and by my second grade I was convinced I’d be better at basketball if I had cornrows. [Laughter] I made my mom take me to this place called Janette’s African Hair Braiding. I sat there for about three hours and got some crazy cornrows. Essentially it was a ploy to get the coach to take me off the bench and put me in. Didn’t work. I wish I had this one photo to show you of them, it was amazing. It was of me in a huge basketball jersey, my arm around a huge stuffed polar bear and my ginger cornrows. [Laughter]

[Laughter] A young Irish Allen Iverson. You just graduated High School this winter, are you excited to finally be free?

Oh yeah! I was lucky enough to graduate high school in late January and I couldn’t be more stoked that it’s over. Since graduating I’ve been fortunate enough to be riding basically every day. I think I lapped Carinthia over a thousand times this season, which is probably an understatement. [Laughter] Also I filmed a bunch for the Mt. Snow’s C Sessions and finally had some time to take a few trips outside of Vermont.

Yeah, I noticed that you had a few street clips in your season edit at spots outside of Vermont. What trips did you get to take this year?

You mean my very minimal street section? [Laughter] I actually popped my street cherry this winter thanks to Evan Ricker, the Darkside Killington Manager. He pushed me a lot to get out of the park. One day he called me at like 4 in the afternoon to see if I’d be down to go film with some Darkside dudes and a few guys from Think Thank. It was obviously a no brainer seeing as I grew up always buying and watching all the Think Thank videos. We ended up staying out all night filming, which got me hooked on trying to get clips. Ricker also took me on another trip with Darkside to Boston for the House of Vans Rail Jam. On our way back to Vermont we made a few stops in New Hampshire. It’s hard to film street here in the sticks of Vermont, there is a severe lack of rails. Damn Hippies!


Not a street shot.

You also went and filmed in Upstate New York right?

Oh shit, how could I forget! Early in the year I went to Syracuse and stayed with my homie Jake Luczak aka Groovy Lu for a weekend. They have so many spots up there. It’s so crazy! We’d be passing rail after rail and he’d just be like, “nope there’s a better rail a couple blocks away.” It was the complete opposite of Vermont. Nothing was ever more than 20 minutes away, any further and the spot would be “too far out of the way.” Pretty much it would be just the two of us taking turns holding the camera for each other at a couple spots. It was pretty chill, didn’t get as much footage as I wanted to but it was a cool experience.

Since we’re talking about your edit, I noticed that when it got posted to the Snowboarding Memes Facebook Page, the copy is always in first person. What’s your involvement with the page?

Primarily Jonathan Sgouros runs the whole thing with the help of this kid Joey Leppin. In the beginning they posted a bunch of funny memes and a Lick the Cat drinking game. I thought that the page was hilarious and I wanted to get more involved with it. I sent them a message on Facebook, and asked if they needed any help with anything for the page. They were down and ended up making me a mod for their page. I occasionally posted a shitty meme here and there as well as posted some of the edits I made.

How do you feel about them ripping off Rome and Spring Break graphics for their stickers and tee shirts?

I personally don’t agree with it. If it were up to me I wouldn’t really be selling anything on the page, I’d try to focus on giving the snowboard community a good laugh. The way it was when it was started. It’s not up to me though. [Laughter] I don’t get any of the money made. I don’t have any pull over there. It’s more their page so I guess they decided that it was the best direction to take it in.

I feel you. I have to give it to them; they built quite the following on their page. It was a pretty weak move on their part but I guess when good meme ideas dry up and money gets involved it’s a slippery slope. Anyways, what are your plans for this summer?

Very true, money ruins everything. [Laughter] I’m actually about to leave for Oregon in 9 days to go work as a counselor at Windell’s all summer. I’m real stoked I got a job out there, now I can ride and try to get my pasty skin a little tanner. I don’t know what I’d do if I had to stay in Vermont all summer, there’s nothing to do where I live.


Safety first. 

Seeing as you’re only 18 are you afraid that you might match up with some campers on Tinder?

[Laughter] I don’t have Tinder so I won’t have that problem, but I hadn’t even thought of that. It’s not a terrible idea.

Trust me after one summer out there you’ll have one. Shout outs and sponsors?

If the all-knowing Catfish says it, it must be true. Shout out to Chris Piatek, Evan Ricker, Tyler Mills, Patrick McCarthy, and Day Franzen. Thanks to Rome Snowboards, 686, Dragon, Darkside Snowboard Shop, and Carinthia Parks.

Last question. Reid (Smith) wanted me to ask you if he podiums next season at USASA Nationals like you, will he get totally sponsed too?

[Laughter] Reid was sponsed when he came out of the womb.

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    Max Lyons and The Catfish are both chill, solid humpday interview. Thanks for reminding us how kooky Snowboard Memes is now, #neverforget

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      I thought the same thing. I get so bummed when people don’t at least make a small effort to use original songs

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    Nice work Max Lyons doing work! Have a good Summer making it happen up at Windell’s!

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    Heard this kid doesnt know how to roll a joint. Also, he has a younger brother named Wes aka Ron Weesley who is 100x better than him.

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