Arbor Snowboards at Superpark 18

The Superpark edits keep rolling in. This one from Arbor Snowboards.

Parking (v) [par-king] is the progressive form of the verb to park, which is the word chosen to describe the act of riding a terrain park. Parallel Super Parking (v) [paruh-lel soo-per par-king] is the most progressive and super manifestation of the aforementioned verb. Buckle up and grab the “oh shit handle” because Arbor Snowboards is about to drive home their series “Parallel Parking” with the last episode of the season straight from the super-est of super, Superpark 18.

4 replies
  1. Scotty Vine
    Scotty Vine says:

    See guys, I can ride with both feet strapped in! I want to grow a thin mustache for my next edit.

  2. Meow Mix
    Meow Mix says:

    hEy Arbor Snowboards I can front flip will you please make me pro like Scotty Vine?!?!

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