Spaghetti Snowballs

This motley crew of boarders is after some “constructive criticism” on their video from spring in Italy and since we like to give the people what they want, go nuts. But be nice, one kid got broke off pretty bad and you don’t want to make him cry.

Filming: Gianluca Pellizzola, Francesco Zoppei, Ilaria Troisi

Editing: Alex Stewart
Music: Something Good Can Work (Ted & Francis Remix) – Two Door Cinema Club

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  1. i don't even know where to begin
    i don't even know where to begin says:

    its just all wrong. terrible song, overproduced intro shots, board slide to 50-50 switch ups… and thats just in the first minute.

    • I missed this
      I missed this says:

      I miss all the fully hateful comments. Like the ones that have no regard for the fact that filming/editing is just a fun experience that most people do just for the fuck of it, not to impress us elitist yobeaters.

      • Timwindells'ballsack
        Timwindells'ballsack says:

        If you make an edit and can’t handle the criticism, don’t submit to Yobeat. Simple as that.

  2. Jime
    Jime says:

    Bad song choice but I could definitely tell they were having fun and it made me want to ride so job well done.

    • bcooo
      bcooo says:

      I don’t care what the other comments say, this edit was dope. Song is perfect, especially for a fun end of the season edit. Idk where these rules on how to make an edit are, but i though this was pretty damn good. You guys can throw down btw, so props to that.

  3. sadgirl
    sadgirl says:

    That one guy was kinda hot, but the song and the effects was such a turnoff that I just forgot about that really quick. Actually, i don’t like his curls anymore, at all.

  4. French Toast
    French Toast says:

    These were like the best boarders in my school when I was like only a grade younger than them. I asked the hot curly hair guy to a dance once and he pretended just like he never heard me at all. They’re totally sick still tho

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