Yobeat’s Ultimate Guide to Summer Snowboarding: Tahoe


Ahh Summer. A time when most people want to do nothing more the lounge by the pool, grill up some grub and soak in the sun. But some of us demand more. Some of want to snowboard, dammit! So for you hardcores, we’ve assembled the ultimate guide to summer boarding and over the next few weeks we’ll be filling you in on everywhere from Canada to Dubai (and everywhere in between.) To start things off, here’s the skinny on Tahoe, cause let’s face it, that snow ain’t gonna last too long. 


Words and photos: Danny Kern

Snowboarding at Woodward Tahoe during the summer is difficult in a few ways, but it can be done. First off you can be really good at snowboarding or be homies with multiple people that work at the summer camp. Gotta have those connects, you know. Secondly you could just be young and rich and pay your way into a week of camp. A better alternative would to be a junior counselor. This way you get to ride, eat, and sleep for free, with full access to the camp. The con is that you are working for no pay, doing all the dirty work for the camp. It’s actually not much work so it’s a pretty good gig. Lastly you can just work as an employee at Woodward Tahoe. It’s your average camp salary with the perks of free food and lodging. If you’re really lucky, you can even lodge with a bunch of crazy kids who try not to shower the entire week they’re at camp. So if you’re trying to snowboard a terrain park in Tahoe during the summer, those are your choices. If you’re looking to just slide down dirt stained white patches with all your friends there are a few alternatives. Depending on the season there are a few spots around the lake where there will be know one to bug you, but no chairlifts to carry you.


Some of the employees and guest pros of Woodward Tahoe live in Truckee and the Northern lake area during the summer. (Kings Beach, Incline, Tahoe Vista) Most of the employees reside on the Donner Summit in the guest housing, or the Boreal Inn, which is where all the campers stay. The Boreal Inn is a great place for the campers because first off it is at the bottom of the ski hill. It sits at the end of a pump track that passes an outdoor skatepark, a pond, dirt jumps, and a sick concrete skate bowl on the way to the bunker. It’s a lil groms paradise.


Working at Woodward Tahoe is pretty simple. Hang out with kids, make sure they don’t do anything crazy or stupid, and be a straight edge, or at least on the camp’s grounds. The worst part about working at the camp is the hours, but this is expected at almost any summer camp job. Generally you get around 24 hours off, starting Saturday afternoon and ending hung-over on a Sunday afternoon.



They claim to call it Boreal Magic. No one really understands how Woodward seems to hold their snow for so long but they do. Harvesting snow is the key to Woodward’s success when building its summer park. This process isn’t the best on the environment and being located right next to one of the US’s most used highways, I-80, doesn’t help the snow last very long either. The park is a blast though and everything is built to help you excel your snowboarding. The rollerboards are a hoot when the snow is gone, and of course there is indoor and outdoor skateboarding, BMX, and now sadly to say, scooters.


If you like getting drunk on the beach with your bros, and the babes with the big butts, where the lake is so blue you have no clue how it’s even possible, Tahoe is the place to be. If you’re looking for your generic nightclub scene, Reno is only half an hour away. Though the most popular place for employees to escape to is Truckee Thursdays. Once a week, Downtown Truckee fills with local business and vendors. The bars go off and the live music on the street never disappoints.


Local knowledge

-Weekend traffic is a bitch.
-The public docks on Donner Lake are tru
– Hitchhiking is kosher
– Eat At Jax at the Tracks
-Truckee skate park
-Frisbee golf
-Truckee river
-Poach the Best Western pool
-Emerald Pools
-Auburn skate park

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    Danny forgot to mention Patchfest. It’s where I’ve scheduled to have my second coming, and a bunch of kids are going to get drunk and snowboard.

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    Had good times there for a couple of years but I can’t say I miss it. T’s in Incline Village is dope though.