Win: A Gnu Forest Bailey Space Case



So awhile back we got some boards to review, and among them was a brand new 153 Gnu Forest Bailey Space Case. Needless to say, we never got around to reviewing it and now it’s technically “last year’s,” so completely irrelevant, right? Anyway, we want to find it a good home and so we’re gonna give it away to one of you fine readers. How can you win this magnificent piece of snowboarding equipment, you ask? Well, we left that up to Forest.

To enter, you must make something. Forest explains, “Do anything besides snowboarding, something creative, something unique, expand your thoughts… Think outside the box. Art, music, poetry… Whatever you’re feeling… ” 

In other words, get spacey and send us the finish product.  On May 27, 2014 Forest will pick his favorite. To submit your entry, email it with your name and address to [email protected] Happy crafting!


Mike Libett of Ontario, who’s entry is below:

When your first pro model dropped I was so damn stoked
Shredded it hard for 4 years until the nose finally broke,
Not going to lie it had me pretty bummed,
But I just kept shredding it broken and it was still just as fun

I know decks snap all the time, like I saw in your part from Nation,
But luckily this contest gave me some inspiration,
I can’t draw and I’m really not great at art
I knew this was the only chance at a new deck, but I didn’t know where to start

With no money to buy, the broken board caught my eye,
And before you know it, I made a little guy
It might be kinda weird and I know these bars lacks grace
But looking at the little dude puts a smile on my face

It’s pretty funny how these things can just come to you
Now he locks into front boards and pounds brews,
I doubt this has what it takes to win,
But check it out, I’m sure you’ll get a laugh out of him


Congrats Mike and thanks to everyone who entered!

  • Burritosandsnow

    File under: Find some way to appease Mervin for lack of a product review…

    Cool idea tho…

  • jf

    that, is the best idea i have ever seen on this wonderful website

  • yung stunna lil ‘bud’dha

    gonna send you some fresh bars on the email, get excited brooke

  • Boris

    Are we allowed multiple entries?

    • One per person please!

      • He$h

        What if we submitted something then just finished something else today that could have a better chance at winning?

  • you cant judge art.

  • Nugent

    Can I come by and drop something off at yo beat? I’m on vacation.

  • Marquis

    Hey there I hope it’s not too late for me to send my entry in early in the am around 530-6 I have a great idea I think you’ll like also it’s 1145pm where I am please let me know if it is too late. Regardless I’m still going to send it.

  • Forest?

    And the winner is??