People’s Court: Zach Soderholm vs Cory Rudolph

That time of the year has come when every aspiring teen ager looks back on the 3 minutes of clips they have assembled and asks themselves “Will anyone actually care what I did?”


The winner of this week’s battle will receive a pair of super limited Yobeat x 686 Mitts.  Want to be a part of the People’s Court? Send your edit to [email protected] You can be sponsored to enter, just not getting paid, son.

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  1. Stony Balogna
    Stony Balogna says:

    First guy had some FUCKED up tricks! packed so many bangers into a short edit. First guys gets it in my opinion. Second dude was sick too though!

  2. snatch
    snatch says:

    first kids trick at 1:00…totally put that embarrassing “bet you can’t” to shame.

  3. bob saget
    bob saget says:

    1st kid threw some hammers, but i though the 2nd kid had some rad style and cooler edit. 2nd get got my vote

  4. scotty arnold
    scotty arnold says:

    second kid has sick tricks and G style, first kid has hammers but his style is weak

  5. ricky julian bubbles
    ricky julian bubbles says:

    y’all are fuckin crazy voting for #2 i mean i guess almost getting to the end of rails is pretty sweet and all but i guess i just like hammers more than 540s

    • zander
      zander says:

      your stupid. second kid threw sw back 5, cab 5, sw back 7, front 7 and had a ton of sick rail tricks. plus better style.
      yeah the first kid had hammers but fuck all that spin to win shit. Hit some jumps and make shit look smooth

  6. shaun white
    shaun white says:

    y’all need to have some respect
    I cant hate on either… both kids kill it
    first has hammers
    second has sick style and tricks
    nice works dudes

  7. real black dude (not these other sausage wallets on yoclit)
    real black dude (not these other sausage wallets on yoclit) says:

    if you voted for the second guy you are a pole smokin salami garage. 1st dude had more disasters than a red cross commercial. not to mention that SW front 450 on that kinked rail. hardway too??? c’Mon man!!!! not even fair.

  8. Yo Mamma
    Yo Mamma says:

    Corey should’ve broke his board at the beginning of the edit because it got so much better after that. The first half seemed like it was filmed before he got good. And then magically he becomes a super bad ass!

  9. Holmes
    Holmes says:

    If Cory is a knowbuddy, doesn’t that mean he’s paid? And that’s a dq isn’t it? Good job yoskeet

  10. Chadopotamus
    Chadopotamus says:

    You all need to stop judging an edit for the shitty crew vector and where the kid is from. And the soderzac can fucking destroy Cory on jumps. He’s got all way everything up to 9’s and front, cab and back 10’s. He just got hurt and focused on rails so he could still have a season. I really hope the kid who stole the knowbuddy slices his wrist on a tindy.

    • The terminator
      The terminator says:

      Yo chadopotamus eat shit because Cory rips, they have different styles . He’s probably way fucking better than you. Hope you get hit hard in the face with something sharp you fucking tool

      • Chadopotamus
        Chadopotamus says:

        Fuck yeah he’s better than me, Zach is wayyyyy better than both of us though. And I got stitches to the dome already so you can derelick my balls.

        • Chadopotamus
          Chadopotamus says:

          And I don’t know why you think the editing and filming was so much better in Cory’s. They both weren’t perfect, but I saw a lot more shaky footage in his. I will admit, I like that Cory had some urban shots though. Props to that. And Cory, I’m not blasting you, I’m mostly blasting these kids talking shit. You’ve got a lot of potential bro, keep shredding.

  11. Zach
    Zach says:

    Eh fuck it I don’t even want the gloves and this kid is clearly a more popular guy. I’m just glad my edits on yobeat and I’m not getting shit on too badly by kids who make it their hobby.

  12. Connor
    Connor says:

    Zach Soderholm slayed it. Way better then second kid. Second kid had unique tricks but he was sketchy as balls. If they competed zach would kill him. Both had very nice edits though. So to all you gapers that say the second one had better style, quit snowboarding and start skiing cause i dont know if you even know what “style” is.

  13. homegirl
    homegirl says:

    that shit was sickkkk. both edits were great, but i’d say Zach takes it even with the lack of jumps..

    • Murica
      Murica says:

      People hate on Colorado because they live somewhere 100X worse ahaha make sure to stay on the coast and not move here, there is no room for you.


    Catch Zach Soderholm at the gym this summer doing leg pumps and visualizing switch back three onto the quad.

  15. railridersandropetows
    railridersandropetows says:

    Sorry how is the second kid winning, first kid was so much better. Only reason hes loosing is cuz he rides like a comp kid and his edits filmed at breck. tbh his tricks are better and his doing them on much bigger features. Also guy in edit 2, never front lip to fakie its the gayest thing iver ever seen.

    • chyup
      chyup says:

      A. filmed mostly at keystone. B. because his style is fucking whack. C. you are pretty fucking stupid

  16. @railridersandropetows
    @railridersandropetows says:

    Overall edit was better. Both kids rip
    Go fuck your mom if you have any other problems or concerns

  17. @railridersandropetows
    @railridersandropetows says:

    Ps. Nobody actually cares who wins a pair of fucking mittens.. Both kids are probably stoked to have their edit posted and to have people watch it.
    Stop talking shit.

    #SODERZAC says:

    reluctantly giving it to #SODERZAC, although im not a huge fan of advanced colorado gaper jocks or of anyone who makes a hashtag for themselves.

  19. haldor's tits
    haldor's tits says:

    yobeat – why dont you get people with similar styles, both edits were sick in their own niche

    • Lenny
      Lenny says:

      Hey fucktard justin lay off your bong and search a little he does hit jumps way better than you

  20. Thugnificent
    Thugnificent says:

    I love how Zach’s edit gets shit on for going big and technical on rails and not hitting jumps yet most of Cory’s jumps Zach does onto or off of a rail. Also how in the world of yobeat do people miss the early off on the 1st and 5th shot in Cory’s edit as well as a huge zeach on shot 6 and that’s just in the first 30sec. As for editing, Zach’s edit was smooth as hell and on point and all done in 2min. Cory’s edit was long as fuck and had he just skipped to the shit after the board broke, I would be content to say his edit went well. Enjoy your mittens Cory but Zach still takes this battle for bigger, cleaner tricks, even with a couple points docked for lack of jumps. By the way, here is a link to Zach’s edit from last year, , yes he can fucking jump.

    • Rainbows
      Rainbows says:

      Maybe you should ride his cock a little more raw.. I think you may be gay for him and that’s why your so offended. It’s totally cool, just not the type of blog to be doing that on . You can be as graphic as you want on any other gay site. So with that being day have a lovely rainbow day. And fuck you. (Methphorically of course) 🙂

      • Thugnificent
        Thugnificent says:

        Awww, someone writes a solid argument on the interwebs and you sad sad inter-hoodlum have nothing better to do but go straight to the gay commentary. I truly love people like you, and I mean LOVE 😉 Maybe you should spend more time understanding snowboarding and less time trying to suppress your gay confusing feelings for internet commentary.

  21. Zachs SeaDoo
    Zachs SeaDoo says:

    Zachs too busy selling me to some fat Midwesterner on Craiglist to care about some gloves. Seriously buy me and put me in a good home!

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