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Ryland West is a true gentleman. An 18-year-old snowboard savant from the upper cauldrons of California, he enjoys the finer things in life – shredding sweet jumps with soul, totalling subarus on black ice and bangin’ broads on Tinder. With a deep bag of tricks, style for miles and a stick your thumb out and get it done attitude, the God damn shred world is Ryland’s sampler tray of delight to dig in and get weird with. Shred and get weird, friends. We know Ryland will be diving on it with delight.

Who is Ryland West?

Ryland West is just an 18-year-old snowboarder who lives in Truckee. I go to school full-time and I’m just trying to snowboard as much as I can.

You grew up in Milford, California. Take us there.

I don’t think it’s a real town. It’s just a made up little village in the middle of nowhere. Tiny, tiny, tiny town outside of Susanville, California. Which is another tiny town outside of Reno. Tiny little village of hillbillies and random people. There is literally nothing where I came from. I was close enough to Tahoe to come up every weekend. My mom would drive me up. Pack little sandwiches and come up and snowboard Boreal every weekend.


Crail blunts at Boreal. Photo: Paul Heran. 

Do you remember your first taste of shredding?

Back in the fifth grade I was going to this private school in Washington state. They made us wear sweater vests and uniforms. Everyone there was a little brat who had rich parents except for a few of my friends who were really down for snowboarding. We went up for a class trip and they showed me some stuff. We went to Snoqualmie. That place was really intimidating the first time I was there. I remember an instructor wouldn’t even let me go down the chairlift the first three sessions. Really bummed me out. Had my mom take me up on a different weekend just so I could go down the chairlift by myself. After that every weekend we were going. My mom at first rented me this really shitty K2 plastic snowboard. It was really old. I used that every single weekend as much as I could. Constantly doing all the hits on the side but never landing anything. Having the most fun ever!

What was a bigger accomplishment – losing your virginity or snowboarding for the first time?

Probably losing my virginity. That was a way bigger deal. You can’t do that more than once.

Chris Wilmoth recently described you as a true gentleman. How does one achieve true gentleman status?

I don’t know. That’s a really hard one. Let me think about it for a minute. I guess I am just not an asshole. I can’t really answer that but I find it to be a complement.

I heard you have a rad mom. Tell us about her.

She still is working three jobs to support me. Not like random jobs – she is a teacher, but teaching at three different schools to make enough money to support me and snowboarding. I am very very thankful for that. I can’t believe she’s able to do that for me. I couldn’t snowboard without my mom and dad at all.

donner handplant-9043

Photo: Kieth Rutherford

You were pretty addicted to BMX.

At one point in my life I was. I spent junior and senior biking and I recently started skateboarding again and it’s way more fun. Skateboarding is way harder than any other thing I’ve ever done.

How did going off sweet jumps and constantly racking your nuts prepare you to be a snowboarder?

I think it made me not a gigantic pussy. That’s probably about it. You go off a 20-foot bike jump and then you go off a 60-foot snowboard jump and neither of them are comparable. I actually think it’s a little more scary to bike then to snowboard quite honestly. Snowboarding is a little bit more easier for me. Biking can be really really scary.

Have you found a place to live yet?

I am getting a truck tomorrow to live in the back of that, but I am going up to Hood and then I’ll come back and we’ll see where I live after that. Homeless at 18.

What kind of truck do you want to live in?

Maybe a Tacoma or Tundra. We will see whatever I can afford when I go to the dealership tomorrow. 7 inch lift on the truck with gigantic tires! That’s what I’ll get.


A very phallic method.  Photo: Paul Heran

What makes Ryland West a good roommate?

I don’t smell that bad that’s for sure. I clean up after myself, plus I am never home. I only need a room to sleep in because the entire day I’m out trying to do things. Snowboarding, biking, skateboarding – doing whatever I can to stay outside, plus I will be at school the entire time, too.

You recently totaled your Subaru on old Highway 40. Take us there.

Well, I needed to go down to Reno that day. I had been snowboarding all morning. I look at the freeway and it’s just all backed up. Gridlock! There’s no way you’re even getting on the freeway. So I just said I’ll go the back way, old Highway 40, like the true genius that I am. Every person that I told I was going that way said, “No, don’t do that it will be sketchy.” So, I didn’t listen. Why would I listen to people with reason? So, I took the back way by Sugar Bowl. I was going as slow as I could. Taking those turns real slow. I didn’t want anything to happen. I am almost down. I have two turns left and I see a road flare. I hit the brakes just a little bit and I start to slide. Could not stop at all. Traction control kicked in and the tires wouldn’t catch at all. I couldn’t steer out of it. I just had to watch my fate as my car slowly drifted into this tow truck. It demolished my car. Everything was just fucked. The whole front of my car just exploded all over the road. So yeah, that happened. Since then I have just been hitchhiking around with really weird people.

Hitchhiking is quite normal in the Tahoe Basin. What have you learned about your fellow human being from hitchhiking?

That it’s actually a lot harder to hitchhike than people say it is in Tahoe. Last week I waited an hour and a half at an exit to get picked up. I guess it’s tourist season and old people don’t want to pick up grungy kids. A lot of people that do pick you up are really cool or scary. I got picked up a dude who was telling me how he wanted to get these felonies removed from his record. I was really afraid he was going to kill me. He had a giant jar of weed in the cupholder. Felonies, really stoned, and super sketchy on the road. I made it out alive and it’s just fun to go on these little adventures.


Crails down stairs, why not? Photo: Kieth Rutherford

What do you love about Truckee?

Everything. It’s a small little town in the mountains. You don’t have to deal with a ton of people. I cannot deal with cities. I just freak out. All the angry people and loud noises. I like it quiet and nice. The mountains are right there so you can go up and hike whenever. It’s really easy living here with everybody and it’s really close to Reno! With Tinder if you want to hook up with the sorority girls they’re just right there.

You’re pretty into Tinder.

It makes meeting girls a hundred times easier. You don’t even have to talk to them you just swipe left or right. It takes all the trouble out of trying to meet a girl. You are just swiping left or right on your phone. You can say whatever you want and still most likely get laid.

How many girls do you think you’ve taken on dates with Tinder ?

Taken on dates? Not on dates! I just meet up with them. I would not take a girl out on a date from Tinder. It was the Underdawg’s premiere and after that we went to Max Tokunaga’s house for a little after party. We were partying and everything was starting to wind down and everyone was going to bed. I was like, well, okay – everybody has a place to sleep but me and I’m kind of horny and I want to get laid. So, I just got on Tinder and I match up with this girl I have been talking to. I think it says that her age is like 20. I’m like, “Cool! This is rad.” I have her come pick me up. She drives a half hour across Reno to come pick me up. This is happening! I get in her car and I am hammered. I am almost blackout drunk at this point. She drives by the party again and all my friends are just out front chilling smoking and I get out of the sunroof and scream, “I love Tinder!” She takes me home. She tells me about going to a football game and I think she’s talking about her brother and then she tells me she’s a senior in high school. Luckily in Nevada 16 is legal and she was 17. I get the hell out of there as quick as I can in the morning. I have glitter all over me and I smell like high school girl. Make sure you know who you’re hooking up with before you hook up with them on tinder.


Swipe right, ladies. 

What makes snowboarding so rad?

Friends. Snowboard is all about going out with your friends and having as much fun as you can.

You grew up riding at Boreal and still do. What sets Boreal apart?

First of all it’s a skate park. Second of all there’s so many people there that you literally know everybody there. Even if they’re new to the mountain you treat them like family. And you can lap the park like it’s a skate park. So many different lines! It’s just not a rail line here, or rail line there, it’s jumps, it’s a half pipe . There are so many things. There’s a new line everywhere you go. It just has the homey feel. Afterwards you can just go to the skate park at Woodward.

How do we make snowboarding more radical?

I don’t know. I guess you try and get people to hate us again? I guess that’s what it takes. Snowboarding is just such a friendly sport nowadays and needs to go back to being more scummy and gnarly.

But you are so not that. You are so nice.

I know, it’s hard. Some of us aren’t the Brendan Gerard’s of being so gnarly and so core doing hand drags without gloves. But some of us aren’t like that.

You’re still a badass.

Thanks. I appreciate that.


Deep in the press, Ryland doesn’t have crabs. Photo: Kieth Rutherford

What are you going to do to take your snowboarding to the next level this summer?

I don’t know how to answer that serious, actually. Just trying to be the steeziest snowboarder that I can. People don’t want to see cool tricks anymore, right? They just want to see steezy snowboarding.

What’s Ryland West’s perfect hump day?

Get up early go to Jax on the Trax for breakfast. Go snowboard for a little bit with all my friends on a nice sunny day. Go to the park. Hit some jumps. Come home. Hop on Tinder for a minute and find the perfect girl. Go meet up with Tinder chick then come back. Go party with my friends a little bit and that would be the perfect hump day right there. Getting humped on hump day.

Words of wisdom for the Yobeat faithful?

I want the Yobeat readers to keep hating. You guys have gotten soft on me lately. I don’t see enough hate in the comments. All I see is love. It’s bumming me out, so now I have to start hating. Really good critics, too. I just want people to tear people apart. That’s what I thought Yobeat was all about. Let’s keep it going. Is it Yobeat’s thing hating snowboarding since some year? No wait, making fun of snowboarding, right? So make more fun of snowboarding. Shoutout to Lemi I hope you are getting better!


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    You better have given your mom every fucking flower in the world for Mother’s Day. Working 3 jobs to support your ass.

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      i wish i could like these comments more than once. who the fuck is proud they bum off their poor mom working 3 jobs

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        I met his mom off tinder, she taught me a thing or two. Didn’t realize those naughty teachers on Brazzers were actually a real thing.

  2. basshole
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    i hate this kid. 18 and still mooching off his mom? acceptable if youre still in school, but if youre just another tahoe shred bum then fuck you. also, talking about getting a lifted truck when you dont have a job? again, fuck you. be careful with that tinder game too, or youre gonna end up like tyler flanagan

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    With how much time you try get pussy on tinder you could get a job. McDonald’s is always hiring.

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    Lay off the hate, he’s in school full time and trying to make the dream happen. You guys are a bunch of bitter old fools.

    but yeah, get a job and help your mom out. Working 3 jobs is a bitch

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      He literally said “I don’t see enough hate in the comments,” and drunk Mr. Lahey tells us to lay off? I think you’ve had too much to drink and the shirtbirds are coming home to roost

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      Going to school full time, snowboarding and still making some sort of an income isn’t that hard. A lot of people do it. This kid just sounds bitch made.

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    tacoma or tundra? jesus dude, be ready to drop like 15 plus g. mom gonna cover that for ya? ahahh go put some makeup on and have a photo shoot for tinder

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    You think Yobeat users are going soft? Takes soft to know soft. You have never filmed a video part? Who the fuck cares about a rail kid with no video part? Bitches be like- *running on a treadmill in a land of opportunity*- YOU are SOFT

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    At least the guy acknowledges he is supported by his mom working 3 jobs…still a bitch move though.

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    Not enough hate? well, you bout to get some my friend. 1. Don’t be a dumb ass and crash your truck too. 2. Give up that pretty boy shit. 3. Oregon summers are fun, but not free, get some cash in your pocket and then head out there. 4. Stop using the word “steezy” in a sentence more then 3 times.

  9. chris wilmoth
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    if mom wants to support her tinder loving, grasser throwing, full time college student son, then that’s her deal. good on her. ryland is aces in my book. keep doing what you’re doing man.

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    “It makes meeting girls a hundred times easier. You don’t even have to talk to them you just swipe left or right. It takes all the trouble out of trying to meet a girl. You are just swiping left or right on your phone. You can say whatever you want and still most likely get laid.”

    You know what else is easy to meet on tinder? AIDS

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      Why does everyone automatically assume every casual hook up is going to result in an STD? Thats some immature bitch shit.

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    I don’t know this dude but he sounds like a maurk. Get a job. But def keep fucking highschool chicks. if i was still at TW i’d never post ur shit.

  12. Ryland
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    Hahaha my moms a free lance art teacher that works at three different schools once a week, not like random three different jobs. She’s a bad ass and I’m super thankful for everything she does.
    I work in the summer when I’m not in school full time to pay her back
    Just kinda pittin that out there

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    Please, please fucking tell me what Mitts he’s wearing in the first photo. I bought the same pair at Govy off of some random dude, and they got stolen.

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    I know people that work 6 days a week, and probably shred less than you and make you look like shit.

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      Really? Whom might their sponsors be? Why you gots to be all homophobic? I cured my aids! Want to call me a fag, you skinny dick virgin lil biotch?

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    only reason this kid loves tinder so much is because thats the only way he can get any pussy. dude straight up looks like justin bieber when he was 16 in that wack ass tinder profile

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    Damn fool, those are some pussy ass street photos. You really need a kicker and landing for a $t33zy jump down some baby ass set? You should try out that giving thing your mom does and just give up.

  17. This kid is a loser.
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    When reality hits this kid he’ll have to come to the realization that snowboarding isn’t a viable career path. When this kid is 30, he’ll be in a mountain of student loan debt, and won’t have the skills to get a job, let alone be able to save up a nice Nest egg. Enjoy working at Mcdonalds earning minimum wage for the rest of your life and taking care of a baby with a chick that you met off Tinder. That’s real love fucking loser. Steezy beanies bitch.

    Goddamn, fool. Help your mother out. You’re 18, you can work part time while being a full time student.

    Also Yobeat optimize your goddamn website. Shit son. Who the fuck coded this pos. Have you seen your CSS? jeesus.

    • Jerm
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      Are you a moron? He said he’s going to school full time. What other skills is he supposed to be gaining? Is he supposed to go work construction and learn trade skills? Dumb ass.

  18. You're all dumb as fuck
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    So you people hating on Ryland’s situation are all dumb as fuck. A good amount of the popular professional snowboarders out there went to snowboard academies that cost thousands of dollars a year to go to, which I’m assuming were paid for by their parents. Danny Kass, Danny Davis, Louie Vito, Ross Powers, Pat Moore, Chris Grenier, Lucas Magoon… just to name a few. And you’re going to hate on this 18 year old for getting some help from his mom?!

  19. Scooby Doo
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    At least Ryland is man enough to admit he gets help from his mom. I hate to break it to most of the 15 year olds on here, but the reality is most chasing the dream are broke, refuse to get a job, or are entitled to $ from the snowboard industry, which does not exist this day and age. Maybe he’ll work, maybe not, but he’s not the first guy to be funded by his mom. Go to fucking colorado where every trustafarian lives or modestly enjoy your work/snowboard ethic.

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