Failure to Launch


More Launch Footage! This intro is effed though. pretty sure that guy died.

Riders In Order: Ezra Racine, Gabe Ferguson, Jacob Krugmire, Matt Genovese, Cole Navin, Red Gerard, Kyle Mack, Benny Milam, Nik Baden, Blake Axelson.
Filmed And Edited By: Malachi Gerard

  • real talk

    I’m pretty sure intro guy fucking died and I’m gonna have weird dreams about it.

    These dudes kill it regardless.

  • woah

    Damn. Blake’s come to silence all haters.

  • !

    i dunno i thought that intro was fuckin hilarious

  • King Nigro

    Ezra why are you riding a Capita?

  • quick question

    so they just build big ass jumps to do stunts on lol?