6 New Events Rumored to be Added to X Games


With the addition of Major League Gaming (MLG) to the upcoming Austin X Games line-up, many have questioned the morality of the decision. Has the X Games strayed too far away from its purpose? What is the future for the X Games after this? Will my random hobbies ever get me a shot at X games glory? Fear not! As there are many rumors flying around about other additional events to be added to this summer’s line up and lucky for you, we here at YoBeat love some hot gossip and we’re going to give you the scoop. Remember, none of these are official, they’re just rumors flying around the internet.


Aggressive Tindering

The guidelines to this event are to see who can swipe right with the most speed and accuracy. Points will be added for every hot chick swiped to the right. Additional points will be awarded based on the vulgarity of your random sex solicitations. Points will be deducted for accidentally swiping right on stray dudes and trap trannies. beer_pong1

Freestyle Beer Pong

It’s just like normal beer pong except you have to make trick shots and wear roller skates. It will be a round robin elimination tournament to make sure that the finalists are nearly black out drunk. It’s about damn time that we start giving out medals for the world’s most popular non-drinking drinking game. They deserve it. After all, the loser walks drunkenly back into the party and the winner is stuck playing a shitty, anti-social game. We might as well throw these folks a bone. cheechchongfeudover

Just sorta hangin’ out and smokin’ weed

This event will take place once the MLG dudes lose interest in playing Call of Duty. Points will be awarded for how long the online menu music plays for without anyone noticing. Additional point will be awarded for the amount of bong rips taken, how quickly you and your bros pass out on the couch, and the overall chill factor of the session.

ESQ-02-hot-girls-instagram-laura-enever-2013-mdn @lauraenever

Head-to-head Instagram stalking

This will be a racing event. Competitors will be assigned the same hot babe’s instagram account and they will have to go through and like all of her “just hangin’ out at the beach with my friends” photos. Competitors will be timed and the fastest one to go through all of the photos wins. Additional time will be added for any missed cleavage or booty pictures, as a penalty. Dirty_dishes

Major League Dish Stacking

The details of this one are still kind of hazy but the basic concept is to see how long you and your roommates can go without breaking down and doing the dishes. Additional points will be added for eating cereal off a plate and using dirty ass spoons. This event may spin off into another event “how long can you go without doing laundry” where points will be accumulated for re-wearing dirty ass clothes. A handsome amount of bonus points will be added for accidentally wearing jizz-crusted socks. Porcelain-for-rotator-5-1

Real Street Shitting

Eight of the world’s best freestyle shitters will make minute long videos of themselves doing some urban street shitting, There will be a viewer’s choice portion based on who can spam the most votes and a judge’s choice section which will be judged based on amplitude of bowel movements, creative spot selection, and risk factor.

  • W.W.D.

    Think that first girl works out?

  • The Midwest

    …and that’s why we love Oliver

  • JP Walker

    Just got that hook up from Kohler for the Real Street Shitting. Better watch out I’ve been in that game for years!

    • Forrest Shitaker

      Everyone knows that anyone who shits for Kohler is a sellout. Toto is a real shit takers brand. They make toliets for shit takers, by shit takers.

      • soul shitter

        i ride a old Bemis seat but i scrathed the B into a P and the m into a n

  • Pat Milbery

    I’ll be at the XGames this year! They’ve added this thing where SOGNAR gets to paint a skateboard ramp!!

  • Sunset liquor and lotto

    There are multiple people in that house who have unknowingly worn jizz socks, may have used a jizz towel, hot tub and don’t think I’m leaving out the Canadian house, they worn some jizz socks too. Fun game

    • Some suggestions

      Real Street Jizzing, big jizz, jizz jam, jizz cross, wmns jizz, etc.

      • freestyle squirting! I see u

  • only the TRU will know this shoutout

    shoutout to PHiZZURP. PHiZZURP be dat nigga. recognize dat

  • x games real street shitter

    dang i actually laughed at something on yobeat for once. congrats for making my shitty little suburban life a little bit better for 4 minutes