The 2014 Airblaster Board Games

Photos: Brooke Geery

Most board games have rules that can be challenging to follow. The directions for the 2014 Airblaster Board Games at Timberline Lodge on April 27th were quite simple, though.

1. Get Rad with your Friends

The judges (yes, Witlake was one of them) were awarding people that demonstrated the best teamwork and overall friendship- encouraging people to work together when shredding the hand dug pipe.  The Surfy doubles’ runs, high fives, and all around high levels of stoke were proof that snowboarding with the homies is better than snowboarding alone.

2. Make Sure to Look Around

On a surprise pow day like the one we saw today, one might be tempted to snowboard with their head down until their legs don’t work. But with the likes of Shane Flood, Max Warbington, Tim Eddy, Ben Lynch, Tucker Andrews, Bryan Fox, Brandon Cocard, Ezra Racine, Jeff Holce the Athlete, Jesse Gouveia, and others dropping in one after another, you’d be robbing yourself a free lesson in style if you didn’t take a second and appreciate who was there.

3. Shred Pow

Weather in Oregon is pretty unpredicatble before early July, and it served as no real surprise that Timberline received a solid seven inches of snow the night before the event….weeks after most mountains have closed, mind you. What resulted was the ability to ride pow in the morning, shred an eight foot tall mini pipe with extensions in the afternoon, and then shred some pow again around 3:00.

  • frontside zeach

    this contest was awesome!!! thanks for all the pictures brooke!

  • ok

    shouts out to the motherfucker on the trife board

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