Bliss 3


Who ever would have thought Michigan would have one of the last open resorts in the country? They’re still going…

Shot on a Panasonic Gh2 And a Panasonic Hvx200a/Xtreme fisheye.
Shot at Cannonsburg and Hawk island in Michigan.
Photo/Thumbnail: Dominic Palarchio
Song: Skin of the night by M83
edited by Spencer Whiteman

  • boom

    so good

  • nathan

    R.I.P Hawk Island. At least Spencer gave it a proper burial with this edit.

  • Mac

    Awesome people. Awesome riding

  • loser

    al pal your company is stupid and i hate you

    • Calley Maybe

      Tyler nobody likes you.

  • GetWyld

    Xtreme isn’t always better… those fisheye shots makes my human eyes hurt

  • Glen

    RIP Hawk. Michigan will suck again.

  • Ey

    Fuck the Jehovah’s witness, i think michigan wants to be minnesota

    • JoeyD

      I will hunt you down and I will sexually destroy everything and everyone you love

  • @Ey

    What do you mean jehovahs witness??

  • JNEP


  • JNEP


  • Should have worked on keeping your place open instead of “filming hammers yo” see you all at Mt Brighton next year. I could use some rakers.

    • Jeff Deehan

      donner, literally everybody hates you.

    • #DonnerSucks

      Donner if this is actually you I’m gonna come to Brighton and stomp the fuck out of you.

  • Ruhle

    Fuck you donner you and your park are proof god has a sense of humor