The John Doe Friendly Sessions


This video starts with boobs, so we figured you’d want to see it. Other than that, it’s just a bunch of French dudes, having a friendly session.

  • MMMmmmmm

    Hey, thanks for those boobs.

  • John Doe

    This park was no fun

  • Bruce Jenner

    Question: How many minutes of zeaches and swivels will a snowboarder watch to see boobies? Answer: 2 minutes and 17 seconds.

  • AlGore

    The french aren’t very good at snowboarding either?

  • perv

    All of them are okay but the ones on the very right are the best ones

  • Vincent

    These guys shredding < Nate Bozung's first day back

  • ?

    And you didn’t through your comment of slut shaming?

  • Mike Ock

    I hope those chicks go to High Cascade this summer.

  • Z

    …Could they objectify women with bigger boobs next time?

  • gross ass

    I just jerked it to the video still

    • Cleaning Up

      Yup, just ejaculated to this and made a big mess

  • Zeacher McSwivel

    You homies killed it!!!!!!
    p.s. i came for the tits stayed for that swivel ste
    slo mo pond skim outro was a bonus!
    Zeach on Yuh

  • jay z

    I learn from this that they have wide stances over there, snowboarding gets boobs over there, and they cant ride a quarter pipe.