VG at Trollhaugen


Could this be one of the last Troll edits of the season? 🙁

Derrek Lever | Jonah Owen | Tommy Gesme | Cody Beiersdorf | Shane Ruprecht | Jed Anderson | Danimals | Jake OE | Zac Marben at Trollhaugen

  • hater?

    sick edit, music from friendship worship skate video tho. But whatever, the edit just should have been longer cos the song gets better right when the edit ends…

  • nathan

    I hope the rumors are true and Jed is secretly in the new vg movie.

  • Robbie weides

    This has gotta be the gayest shit I’ve ever seen

  • i think

    vg is too professional to leave out jed unannounced

  • cant wait

    I’m guessing this was all the unused tricks from their Terror At Troll 2 that is about to drop