The Holy Bowly Rages On

The living snowboarding super organism that is the Holy Bowly continues to produce fast turns, hearty slashes, awe inspiring style, and a front seat to the living legends. The course opens each morning at 11, which is the best idea anyone has ever had. 9:00 am start times are for squares. After a raucous night at Willie’s down in Salt Lake on Wednesday, the first hour of the day 3 was pretty empty, so the non-hang over crew (a mix of people who didn’t party and people that just sent it into the next day) were stoked to have an hour with an empty transition-heaven. With a slight chance of rain in the forecast, we keep out fingers crossed that the good times keep rolling, but I have a certain feeling that no circumstance short of Joseph Smith coming back from the dead and smiting us all for our unholy holy bowly behavior would kill this vibe.

Photos: Justin Parkhurst and Brooke Geery

  • basshole

    Chris Beresford*


  • shitbox

    Justin’s drunk, give him a break.

  • KierDillion

    Jeremy Jones is pissed his invitation didn’t arrive on time

  • basshole

    i just want to make sure Beresford gets the recognition he deserves, because he’s been killin it all week in those husky-fit old navy jeans

  • seb toots

    whos Jamie lynn?

  • boneyballsack

    if only there was a way for resorts to have this shit all winter long and keep all of the gapers out

  • Zack Mauser

    How the FUCK do they call this a “contest” is just a bunch of washed up old guys and lame riding. Seriously the wasnt even a spin over a 360. This shouldnt be so popular.

    • It’s not a contest. It’s an international gathering of creativity and flow

    • Zimmerman

      Seriously, I didn’t even see a single double cork once at Holy Bowly. It was so lame that I decided that snowboarding was for unpopular kids so I started skiing after football practice. Now I’m on track for a degree from Harvard and all the chicks at Rue 21 want to date me.