Zak Hale and Ethan Diess’ Vail Vacation


Remember when Ethan Diess was just another street rat from the midwest? Now he vacations in Vail. Thanks Burton.

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  1. nathan
    nathan says:

    Everyone always hates on Zak Hale but he’s always smiling and it looks like he’s having fun when he’s riding. That’s what really matters.

      • I do
        I do says:

        i fucking hate watching zak hale snowboard. hes like this super well known snowboard celeb that just does a cab 2 in every edit or a back 3 to land at the very end of the rail. no that challenging or refreshing..i see 20 kids do that at brighton everyday who arent sponsored. but its cool because hes having so much fun..doesnt everyone have a great time when they go boarding? if you really want to see someone having fun while boarding go watch the new matt roberge 7springs edit, cause that shit was fucking way sicker. make an edit someone cooler than vail? that place is for skiiers and g-pen smokers. and zak, start doing cooler tricks and go film some solid street stuff, because you get a lot more than you deserve in the reflection of your snowboarding

        • captain
          captain says:

          go watch burton street and then tell me how many kiddies at Brighton are doing that shit. Zak does not have to huck meat every time he rides. Like you said…. he is famous. GFYS

    • popciclefart
      popciclefart says:

      But you still watched it, and their still having more fun snowboarding then you are leaving dumb comments. I mean, I love to hate videos, i really loved to HATE Seb’s video.
      I don’t know where i’m going with this… i just hate to see people pick on people who wear glasses.

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