Yobeat’s Guide to the Holy Bowly

This week the Holy Bowly has taken over Park City and brought with it an impressive who’s who of snowboarding for a totally non competitive gathering of creativity and flow. Right now, you gotta be someone to be here, but come Saturday, 50 Park City locals will be lucky enough to ride in this “holy” event. The following has been my experience as a “normal” snowboarder amidst the world’s top riders at the Holy Boly private shoot. I hope it will grant some insight to anyone who was lucky enough to acquire a spot on Saturday.



Blake Paul. Photo: Justin Parkhurst

EVERYONE is there.

I spend a lot of time watching snowboard videos on the Internet and pretty much every name you ever wanted to see ride in person is at this event. Not only that, but they’re showcasing what they are known for, and feeding off each other. The Holy Boly is a snowboard super organism. I would be lying if part of me felt like I didn’t deserve to ride in said super organism, considering the skill of every one else zooming past me, but hell, who passes up a chance to check out the best event ever, with the world’s best riders? Mamma did’t raise no fool. If you must fan out (it’ll happen), do it with tact. Nobody wants to feel awkward.

Pick your lines

The only reasonable plan of attack for a non-pro- plebeian like myself is to slowly move up the board-world food chain. Start out with the lines you know you have, move up to the ones the filmers and other industry people are shredding, and then take tips from the pro lines…preferably ones that don’t involve airing 30+ feet. It’s also wise to know when to bow out. Lord knows I am not going to impress a single one of these dudes with my method grab. So sometimes it’s best to sit back and enjoy the show. Once the A-team has swept through…and B and C, than you can go!



Kazu Kokubo. Photo: Justin Parkhurst

There are Rules.

The Holy Boly is not a contest, it is a gathering, but there are rules. Mainly, no tail blocks (to save the bowl from destruction) and no spraying DJ Matty Mo. Now of course these rules were broken by day one, but still THERE ARE RULES, THIS ISN’T NAM! As far as unwritten rules go, don’t snake people, if someone says “follow me” try not to pussy out and most importantly, if you fall and your edge takes a chunk out of one of the lips…just kill yourself.

Dress appropriately.

The Utah sun in April is hotter than a Mormon chick after a good soak. So you will want to dress appropriately. Wear a hat and cover as much of your skin as possible. Black is a bad choice, but if you must, prepare to sweat. For some more inspiration on selecting the perfect kit, check out what the pros are rocking in the gallery above.



Yasaku Horii. Photo Justin Parkhurst

Bring Beer.

Self explanatory.


  • beer

    Zach marben on lib tech?

    • beer

      *zac sorry im a piece of shit

    • Down South

      Ben Bilocq on DWD?

      • Down South

        And Blum on a technine?

        • rob

          Jonas Michilot on Ride? That team is going to be stacked next year!

          • duh

            old news

      • anyone who knows anything

        DWD > nitro

    • Jeenyus

      wait, Deadlung on SMOKIN?! man… i wouldn’t have never guess that one!

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    Where the hoes at?

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    Now that’s a heavy line up!

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    Sucks Bjorn had to step in front of the lens for the only pic you could get of me…

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    How did krugmire get in haha

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      haha right. his bro prob snuck him in

      • Danielle Smith

        haha maybe but he as well as his bro have a lot of connections. if anything krush probably got him in

      • Danielle

        haha yeah but him and his bro both have good connections, if anything krush probably got him in

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    Grenier has more sponsors than my mind ccoul comprehend

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    hunter wood on… wait who the fuck is hunter wood?

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    where was Pat Milberry!?

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      probably spamming your facebook with event invites #myspace

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        at copper for a sognar edit contest, that the sognar crew won. cool right?

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    Sherman on RIDE. yeah

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    love beresford rockin the classic daniel franck deck

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    Danny Kass was there, I saw the picture!

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    HEAVY as f…….lineup.

  • Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad

    this Andrew Brewer fellow, his pants make my testes feel claustrophobic anxiety

    which is the name of my new metal band