Seb Toots: The Reedit

Poor Seb Toots just dropped one of the heaviest street parts in recent memory, but he got nothing but flack. Let’s be real here folks, Seb’s riding deserves better, so we reedited for him.

Song: good mistake by mr. little jeans

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  1. Jeenyus
    Jeenyus says:

    I don’t know why Seb doesn’t get more recognition. He is a solid rider and every year his street part is heavy as fuck.

    • ...
      ... says:

      I could agree more… Seb has been killing it for years now! He won almost every contest he entered a few years ago.

  2. the real sunset films
    the real sunset films says:

    No actually its okay to use my work. after watching this i realize your is way better. thanks. and sorry for all the slow motion.

  3. regular yobeater being honest.
    regular yobeater being honest. says:

    The good: i didnt see a single zeach, so youve got that on torstein
    there were a few nbds in there which is generally nice to see
    Did you fix your stance seb? a least a little bit?

    The bad: 450s on and too much hucking
    slow mo

    overall it was the best Seb Toots edit ive ever seen (which isnt saying much but it was still pretty good)

  4. seb toots
    seb toots says:

    @Yobeat you don’t own this video.. please turn it down! 283k in 34hours.. that’s exactly what i meant to put out! Keep it for yourself.

  5. lame sauce
    lame sauce says:

    What an insult to the guy that put in work to make the original. Sorry man. The edit and riding were sick just the way they were.

    • Come on
      Come on says:

      He was like 10 degrees off for barely any of it. If that was any other rider, you wouldn’t have pointed that out

      • the real problem
        the real problem says:

        Majority of professional snowboarders filming for a street part would have hiked back up and done it again… which is why it rarely has to be pointed out in other peoples video parts.

  6. Timwindells'ballsack
    Timwindells'ballsack says:

    This reedit is straight hurt. Busta is way sicker than turn down indie pop, you failed on this one.

  7. ThankYou
    ThankYou says:

    That fitted way better with all them slowmos , 100%. Pretty sure this hit 283k purely because the riding is completely insane !!! This is exactly what this website is about.

  8. sorry champ
    sorry champ says:

    and that would be just dandy if i don’t have to watch anymore seb toots footage thank you

  9. Diggles
    Diggles says:

    What I’m most impressed about with this reedit, is what a better job you did with the sound fx. Like seriously good job.

  10. sebastian toutant
    sebastian toutant says:

    whoever edited this i want you to be my filmer/editor next year. please contact me. i am doing a web series called “seb spins and does rodeos off rails a lot in the streets with wack style all while wearing a backcountry jacket”

    • youngest&hungest
      youngest&hungest says:

      “backcountry wear”……. your mom was wearing street wear last time we got together….She wasn’t filming a street sb edit, she was with me, on a nice steak dinner, ok!

    • PooffaceKillah
      PooffaceKillah says:

      Clearly … if he switched sponsors, wore street clothes, narrowed his stance even more, had less slo-mo in his footy, annnnnd never flipped on a rail.. he would be getting nothing but yobeaters beating off to his snowboarding.

  11. PooffaceKillah
    PooffaceKillah says:

    Yobeat comments: Seb toots.. you suck.

    Youtube comments: Seb toots.. Greatest part ever.

  12. get a smaller stance? are you high?
    get a smaller stance? are you high? says:

    Whoever suggest a smaller stance is an idiot, one of the best things about seb toots is the fact his doesn’t ride a skinny stance where his knees are smacking of each other. Keep it up seb the original was a sick part. Although in both eidts I think the ender should have been the rody 7 out.

  13. I dont get it
    I dont get it says:

    The people of yo beat are soo god dam hippocritical..if some one like Jed came out with this exact same part you’d all be sucking his dick but because its a competition rider lime seb you hate. I dont get i just dont

    • Seriously.
      Seriously. says:

      If Jed put out this part it’d actually contain style and not look like it was done on a fucking slopestyle course.

  14. Seb is cool
    Seb is cool says:

    If there was an incentive for contest kids to go film a street part, they would all do it (god forbid). Case in point: Seb seems to be filming street parts because he likes snowboarding. And for that he has my respect forever.

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