Slopestyle May be “Too Dangerous” For the Olympics

U.S. snowboarder White speeds down the hill during snowboard slopestyle training at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in Rosa Khutor


Epic landing shot of Shaun White.

According to NBC Sports (the only people who actually care about the Olympics right now), slopestyle skiing and snowboarding injury rates are way too high to be an Olympic sport. Shaun White’s pull out and Torstein’s broken collarbone, plus a few other bumps a bruises may be enough to get the IOC to pull the plug on the one-time discipline.

“I can say what I feel: That sport should change, otherwise we shouldn’t have it. But the IOC may not follow that,” Engebretsen told the AP in Monaco, calling slopestyle “problematic.” “Something has to be done with that sport.”

So you heard it here second folks, slopestyle’s gotta change for the Olympics! Maybe we’re jaded, but it just doesn’t seem worth it.


  • wow

    what a bunch of pussies. no one forces people to compete in slope, its the athletes choice.

  • coleslaw

    I’m pretty sure boardercross had a higher injury rate at the olympics and at all the world cups this year

  • Gonzo

    I guess I forgot how safe the skeleton and luge are. Makes sense to pull snowboarding instead of a sport where somebody died in Vancouver.

  • Yobeatmymeat

    I feel like the “when in doubt, pull it out.” saying shouldn’t apply here.

  • Eat lead paint chips

    Who cares

  • LU


  • Joey Bada$$

    hope you ain’t scurred

  • Europe

    Obama isn’t going to like this one

  • SPT

    Maybe if they hired the right crew to build the course it wouldn’t have been so dangerous.

  • ron

    this is good news, fuck those ioc nazi fuckwads

  • basshole

    ever seen someone wipe out in downhill skiing at 90mph? way gnarlier than any slopestyle crash ive seen.

  • spoice

    I don’t want to live in a world where Al Roker doesn’t have a reason to record a “snowboarder lingo” piece, so I totally agree with everyone that is upset about this.

    • Whaaaaa

      This is the best comment I’ve ever read on Yobeat. and I’m not high, or on LSD. Solid work.

  • Mavrickkilledgoose

    They should just jump into air bags or possibly a foam pit.