People’s Court: Tom Gallagher vs Matt Ruhle


The season is winding down which can only mean one thing. The people’s court battles are about see an influx of season edits.



The winner of this week’s battle will receive a Yobeat Apparel shred bucket hat and a back to back tee.  Want to be a part of the People’s Court? Send your edit to [email protected] You can be sponsored to enter, just not getting paid, son.

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  1. okay
    okay says:

    Both super talented riders. Matt just had an overall better edit. Tom definitely had some great clips and style though.

  2. KierDillion
    KierDillion says:

    Before she got into the tank, you see girls ‘pretend’ to pull their hair into ponytails, but they don’t. That’s what she did.

  3. Bo Jackson
    Bo Jackson says:

    2 for having at least one street clip, still two 1080p ass tryna church up the editing ass fuck boys ????????

  4. Jibba Jabba
    Jibba Jabba says:

    Bo Jackson can lick my testicles, I bet he’s from Mississippi and has a leash on his binders

  5. edgarallanpowen
    edgarallanpowen says:

    I heard Tom goes on shirtless night-time jogs around sugarhouse area, if that doesn’t convince you to vote for him, I don’t know what will.

  6. yung nigguh woolf
    yung nigguh woolf says:

    ask kingtroll how much of our night in montreal he remembers from new years eve #kingtrollordie

  7. Muscle Milk
    Muscle Milk says:

    I once watched Tom Gallagher snort 3 lines of protein while buttchugging muscle milk …… Shirtless

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