People’s Court: Alex Kass vs Thugba Josayma


This week we have two riders hailing from the snowboard training capitals of the world, Summit County VS New Zealand. Who’s training has paid off more?


The winner of this week’s battle will receive a Yobeat Apparel shred bucket hat and a back to back tee.  Want to be a part of the People’s Court? Send your edit to [email protected] You can be sponsored to enter, just not getting paid, son.

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  1. h8ter
    h8ter says:

    lul second edit, huge sponsor opening, bunch of slow-mo hiking and face shots, bunch of non video quality shots, gangsta music, go-pro etc.

    Kids just want to emulate these days, be original and go have fun.

  2. lewd
    lewd says:

    i want to see nobody’s on People’s Court not knowbuddy’s..that second kid already has 5 or 6 sponsors he doesn’t need a free t shirt.

  3. Dadswag
    Dadswag says:

    first guy is a classic shithead from keystone. Vibing people thnking he’s the shit, no style. At least the second guy can do more than 5 tricks

  4. steve the cat
    steve the cat says:

    Neither were very good, with a lot of horrible filler tricks. However I did really like the concept “Alex Kass” had at the beginning of his part, with doing the tricks regular and then switch, I was briefly excited for a second thinking his whole part was going to be everything regular and then switch, but I was quickly let down. Anyways…..keep having fun kids

  5. minnesotanice
    minnesotanice says:

    so over the whole “lets have a rap song with the N word 10000000 times” whiteboy edits

  6. well
    well says:

    first dude seems like he’d be a homie thatd be fun to ride with, and has much better music taste than the second dude. that said, second dude had way more/better moves (on rails)

  7. chaboy
    chaboy says:

    I couldn’t finish either of these but thugba got my vote. Iknow yobeat I cant stand these super long park edits with no street whatsoever. both of these edits could have been shortened to 1 minute cuz the filler footy was shit. get some more Midwest kids up here

  8. Mr. Babbitt
    Mr. Babbitt says:

    Seriously! Why is having an abnormally skinny stance a trend? it just looks retarded. im not talking about the kids with a 20-22 inch stance I’m taking about the second dude with like an 18 inch one and that kid from last peoples court. why? it makes my nuts cringe every time he lands.

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