Windells and High Cascade Merge to Create Epic Super Camp


Windells Camp and High Cascade Snowboard Camp announced today that they will be forming a partnership to deliver premiere year-round Snowboard, Freeski, Skateboard, and BMX camps  under the newly formed We Are Camp, LLC. The strategic partnership draws upon each brand’s strengths, giving guests of both Windells and HCSC a memorable experience and access to world-class facilities both on-hill and off.

“Our new company’s name is really a statement about what Windells and High Cascade mean to the action sports world,” said High Cascade’s current President Kevin English who is slated to be the new company’s CEO. “Both camps were founded over 25 years ago and are the longest running freestyle snowboard and ski camps in the world. These two amazing brands really are ‘camp’.”

“Combining the two camps has been a dream of mine since 2003,“ said Tim Windell, legendary world-champion snowboarder and Windells Camp founder. Windell will serve on the board in an advisory capacity to the company during the transition. Together, the brands offer an unrivaled summer snowboard and ski camp experience with three private terrain parks, Oregon’s best indoor and outdoor skate parks, two high-speed quad chairlifts, four surface tows, four BagJumps, two mini-pipes, and North America’s only Olympic-sized 22’ Summer Superpipe, which serves as the summertime Olympic training facility to the U.S. Snowboarding team and all major contending countries.

The overwhelming success of both Windells and High Cascade stems from each camp’s determination to create and deliver the best facilities of any action sports camp. Consistent winter and spring snowfall, lift-accessible glacial snowfields, and abundant summer sunshine have made Timberline Ski Area on Mt. Hood the number one destination for snowboarding and skiing during the months of June, July and August. “In our combined 53 years of operations, neither camp has had to cancel a single session,” said John Ingersoll, High Cascade’s founder and integral board member of the new company. “Our premiere terrain parks and pipes along with Mt. Hood’s two miles of top to bottom riding create an unmatched all-mountain summer ski or snowboard camp experience.”

In addition to the two camps joining forces under We Are Camp, LLC, Windells Academy will be included in the merger. Founded in 2009, Windells Academy offers premiere academic programs for students geared towards furthering their snowboarding, skiing, and skateboarding careers.

For the upcoming summer, both Windells and High Cascade will operate as they traditionally have from their respective campuses. “Windells and High Cascade both have extremely loyal camper groups so we are not going to do anything to disrupt what people love about each camp,” stated English. “I think for this summer we are really going to just enhance the experience for both sets of campers by allowing HCSC campers to have targeted activities at Windells’ campus which is commonly regarded as the best skateboard park in Oregon; that’s a huge bonus for High Cascade campers. Conversely, Windells campers will share targeted access to HCSC’s private 22’ Superpipe and Lap Park™. The HCSC Main Park™ will remain 100% Snowboarding™.

With the combined depth of experience, history, knowledge and facilities between the camps, this exciting new venture proves once again that no other experience can rival Mt. Hood.

  • Drew

    I’m gonna have to call bullshit on this one

  • LU


  • yobeatmymeat

    April Fools! Lol! Hilarious!

  • Ninja Doll Lover

    I’d like to see Tim Windell and Englesby wrestle at Charlie’s. In fact I’d pay money to see those two have a knock down throw down that finishes with a pants off dance off.

  • upstatemike.

    not april fools.

    im just mad they didn’t include rollerblading on the list of action sports.

    • Yeah!

      Yeah! what the F*** YOBEAT!!! What about all us boarders that blade! Blades are for skating!

  • MIKEGrass

    In other news, Jake Burton brings back forum.

  • Therealrickross

    Smokin Snowboards just bought Burton

  • Enihsnoom

    This would be more epic if it were true and you guys decided to post it on April Fools so everyone would call bullshit.

  • Versace Drugs

    Wait..does that mean it will be harder to poach?

  • Seriously

    It’s no joke, it’s seriously serious

  • Justin’s bong

    So many skiers are getting beat up this summer

  • That’s seems fair

    Sooooo windells gets to have double as many kids on their campus while not getting acces to the hcsc park?

  • MedusaChain

    Where’s scootering at? It already an established radically extreme sport. And has been recognized by big names such as the Shaun “The Flying Tomato” White .Scootering will not only be a fun,cool,hip activity but it will also help today’s youth fight against obesity.

  • WTF

    I’m blown away. So much shit talking through the years leads to bro hugs?

  • america

    this is cool and all…. but when is windells making a scootering camp?

  • Not too sure

    I’m pretty sure this is actually for real. Both camps websites are saying the same thing. It’d be weird to do something like that and things like offering $500 to cover a cancelation fee at COC and then go back on those promises even if it’s April fools.





  • Herman semenblast

    Kevin English, you know MHSSC has been running longer than both windells and hcsc right? False advertising.

    • Tim

      You are correct, MHSSC has been running ski racing camps longer then both HCSC and Windells. They didn’t hop into freestyle snowboarding until the mid 2000’s.