The Yobeat Sandbox at Snoqualmie


The ‘sandbox’ has been a location for creation since our earliest years, and the snowboard version this past saturday at Summit at Snoqualmie could be found in a shredder teen’s wet dream.

And wet it was, but mostly from the rain. The rules of the contest were lax; the direct result of none of us wanting to think very hard. We started the contest once some one did a backflip and we ended it once everybody stopped riding. We tossed out prizes for things that hyped everyone out, and we also awarded prizes for kids that landed a trick they had been trying for a while.

Perhaps my favorite part of the day was the chair of four skier kids yelling “nobody cares!” from the chairlift (every single time they rode up). At first I stared back speechless, but I grew to enjoy their exasperated screeching. It felt good that these skiers were hating on a Yobeat event at such a young age…we must have been doing something right.

Jay Hergert was a poacher that went higher off the jumps than anyone in the contest.

Joe Pope was the mastermind behind this event. We just showed up.

Matteo did the most ridiculous one footed board slide but we didn’t get a photo. Luckily we managed to capture his double’s run with Justice.

This is the dude that won the snowboard, so I guess he kind of won the contest. He certainly won the coolest prize. I think they called him the silent assassin. It was a fitting name for sure.

Wouldn’t be a contest without a proper fall. Casey eats tongue to make it legit!

Lil’ homie was looking good, what can we say?

Gapping to the Donkey Dick was a sure fire way to get a prize.

Undisputed snowboard legend Dave Marx gets the shot in his signature pose.

The girls ripped too!

We called him yellow pants for obvious reasons.

Silent assassin, just doing his thing.

Kayla Selfie

Naima most definitely rode better than a most of the boys.

Ethan Frost, a fan favorite.

Who let this guy in?

Thank you to everybody who came out to ride, thank you Summit Park staff for the amazing set up and thank you Capita, Dragon, Coal, and Howl for hooking up the prizes.

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  1. popciclefart
    popciclefart says:

    I hope Kayla gets paid twice that of the boys because shes the only respectable one out of that crew. Does anyone on that crew even snowboard? HATE HATE HATE

  2. Chill
    Chill says:

    It’s Coal, not Cole. Nice shout out to your sponsors.

    Maybe if the contest was at Stevens you could have spelled it correctly.

  3. Jeenyus
    Jeenyus says:

    Looks like a fun contest. I wonder if I would have got a prize for jibbin’ across Stan’s face?!

  4. popciclefart
    popciclefart says:

    I would have snapped that Capita board over Stans face. which wouldn’t be hard because Capita makes their decks out of brittle lizard tails! Holla AT THAT

  5. Snoqualmie has died
    Snoqualmie has died says:

    Snoqualmie has really gone to shit. What were there, like 10 people at that contest? Way to loose all our sponsors Pope.

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