People’s Court: Dakota McKenzie vs Garrett McKenzie


Brothers? Nope, just two snowboarders with similar styles.


The winner of this week’s battle will receive a Yobeat Apparel shred bucket hat and don’t be a pussy tshirt. Want to be a part of the People’s Court? Send your edit to [email protected] You can be sponsored to enter, just not getting paid, son.

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  1. killa
    killa says:

    I really don’t want to vote for garrett mckenzie because he’s such an arrogant bitch but I think I have to because he is was better

    • hesgay
      hesgay says:

      yea, garret is a complete loser fag, biggest douche on the hill, but still have to vote for him

  2. theres a snake in my boot
    theres a snake in my boot says:

    Garrett’s gotta be the biggest snake. I cant give props to 3’s out, because really, theyre just 50 50’s.

      • yo darksquad
        yo darksquad says:

        Yeah, a 50 3 out is no more risky than a 50, unless youre doing it over a huge drop or something. you dont do the hard part until youve already completed the feature.

  3. ...
    ... says:

    Do these kids actually send these edits in? Just curious because the only thing good about the second edit was the camera work…atleast the first kid was in the streets not some rich resort bitch.. first kid gets my vote for effort.

  4. chicken tender sex offender
    chicken tender sex offender says:

    I just looked at garretts facebook, that loser went trick or treating last Halloween whatta queerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  5. tRiP lOrDz
    tRiP lOrDz says:

    Garrett destroyed that other kid. And if you guys actually knew Garrett and talked to him a little, then you’d know he’s actually pretty fucking cool. He’s probably only that way because all of you are little bitches too. And the kid rips. Almost all those tricks he did were first try, and he filmed it all in 17 days. I can’t wait to see what his full part looks like at the end of the season. He’s on the come up. So in the famous word of Schoolboy Q, “Fuck you niggas talkin’ ’bout, soundin’ like la-da-di-do, la-di-da-di-da-di-do”

  6. haldor's tits
    haldor's tits says:

    that garrett guys stance is just too skinny… no style… the only difficult thing in his video was actually controlling that board

  7. HateTraaaaaaaain
    HateTraaaaaaaain says:

    Hey Garrett, little buddy, 12 year olds don’t need coffee. Didn’t your parents ever tell you that shit stunts your growth?

  8. Cole Carmody
    Cole Carmody says:

    i voted for garrett because me and dakota used to be friends until i found out he didnt go to church and i did a cooler 5050 front 270 on the rail he back lipped at the beginning

  9. Ron Jeremy
    Ron Jeremy says:

    garrets did his tricks 1000x cleaner then the other kid last i checked front flips were not cool… garrett gets my vote

  10. Babbitt Boss
    Babbitt Boss says:

    My vote is torn between the kid that future spun out of 5050’s with a 12-inch stance and the Kid who was skateboarding. That Garret kid had a better video part and better tricks but skateboarding is so fucking cool!!

  11. Caleb Kinnear
    Caleb Kinnear says:

    All you lames thinking that garret kid tops dakota need to back up. Dakota’s a real hood rat on the streets, not some rich kid at a resort. If I’m wrong, then square up

  12. Bobby Billburt
    Bobby Billburt says:

    Dakota Mckenzie should just give up on life jut look at the front one switch….. Nose press? And he suck at skating so just quit buddy

  13. BAofAK
    BAofAK says:

    Dakota aka DMC is totally self made and down like a clown in china town. Everybody who is hating should consider revoting for a solid dude and a good person in general. Way to work hard as always DMC!

  14. StLouisAlaskan
    StLouisAlaskan says:

    Why’d the second kid ride on so many boxes? Dakota didn’t hit any boxes, easy vote….

  15. Mr. Mackey
    Mr. Mackey says:

    well I voted for garrett, mkay, but I’m with stlouisalaskan here. you really gotta stop hitting boxes there garrett, mkay. and i hear you’re a punk bitch too, which is bad, mkay

  16. marebare
    marebare says:

    I am garretts mom. I don’t see any of you h8ers with an ounce of talent so back off! And he is not a rich park kid, just a kid who rides for the love of the sport!!

  17. Troll
    Troll says:

    Garret is by far one of my least favorite snowboarders. right up there with matt chase and Jerome Kuntz. Cockiest douche bag on the hill. Feels entitled everywhere he goes, treats people like garbage left and right. He will never stand up to the likes of Benny and Luke simply because he’s an arrogant asshole with nothing good to say. I really hope he leaves this sport.

    • Drew P. Johnson
      Drew P. Johnson says:

      I agree Garrett is such an ass even though he is a much better snowboarder im am still voting for Dakota

  18. poopfrog
    poopfrog says:

    It is a shame that Garrett is such a miserable person to be around because he is pretty good at snowboarding. I voted for the other kid with the sloppy manuals because maybe he is nice.

  19. dingleberry
    dingleberry says:

    if garrett doesnt win, he will cry to his mom and have his mom call yobeat to make him win this.

    he has no balls.

  20. most of these guys
    most of these guys says:

    I don’t have the motivation to make a part so im gonna hate on random kids on yobeat these kids are wack as fuckand those board slides were zeached as fuk

  21. Chris Bosh
    Chris Bosh says:


  22. Lay off my momma
    Lay off my momma says:

    the back 5050 540 out could not have been a gayer trick. hard trick, yes, but gay as two male donkeys ramming each others b-holes with logs.

    • drew hastings
      drew hastings says:

      Lol i filmed/edited garretts part.. he doesn’t have a huge film crew but thanks for the compliment

  23. The truth
    The truth says:

    People don’t understand that riding the streets and not some rich resort is much harder, and that Dakota definitely should get the win

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