KTC at Trollhaugen


Your favorite crew took a break from the street spots to hit you with this one.

Derrk Lever, Mark Wilson, Andy Pearson, Boody, Jacob Durham, Cody Beiersdorf, Jake OE, Micah McGinty, Jeffy Gabrick, Riley Nickerson, Ian Hart, Jared Jordan, Aidan Falangan, Austin Young, and Tommy Gesme

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  1. lifelong learning
    lifelong learning says:

    The snowboarding is cool, I guess, but the real value comes in the filler shots. How do you decide which tobacco style is more glamorous: cigarettes or dip? You watch a couple of raw dudes searing in the sweaty heat of their dudehood diverging in their choice and then you pick the cooler one and get raw. It’s glorious. Slow motion lipper. Watching that thing go in makes me hungry for food. Yeah.

    I come out of this better equipped to decide once and for all if I want to say Jersey or Appalachia with my tobacco use. It’s important to me as a parent and as an educator.

    I hope he’s not just spitting that juice out; there’s gotta be a way to make an energy drink out of that. Or at least an energy mouthwash. We can call it Biker Sweat Mouth Water. People are into bikers and leather jackets and stuff, they want those notes of rich, leathery tannin in their breath. My uncle’s a flavor scientist, I know all about this.

    Also, I can’t be the only one that’s into receding gum lines. Less gums just means more teeth, and more teeth is cool. Unless you’re afraid to bite harder. WOOF WOOF.

  2. TWBiz
    TWBiz says:

    Using our am to pro projections with in field research and calculations with precise trend forecasting: we can assure you that Tommy Gesme is the future.

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