The First Images of the Sandbox- A Never-Before-Seen* Snowboard Contest


Snowboarding is stale and boring. No one cares anymore. And don’t even get me started on local snowboard contests. A bunch of people, hanging out, snowboarding and getting free shit. The worst! But don’t worry, your friends at Yobeat are here to revolutionize the local jam. We’ve enlisted Northwest Icon Stefan Krumm to design a ground-breaking course that will challenge and delight!

The Summit at Snoqualmie’s Upper Central park will be transformed into a skate-like set up full of options. Jibs will be jibbed, lines will be laid and you, yes you, will have actual power over the set up.  Because we believe events should be rider driven and to add an extra element of extreme, there will also be a plethora of floating obstacles that can be moved, pushed and other wise explored. Think something sucks? Do something about it. The world is your sandbox, or at least in Summit at Snoqualmie’s Upper Central Park on March 29th, 2014.

Now, we present to you, the first sketches of this legendary course that will take at least two days to build. Prepare yourself…


We’ll have stuff from Howl, Dragon, CAPiTA, Coal and Yobeat Apparel to give away, too.

* We actually have no idea if this has been done before or not. Whatever. Come. It’ll be fun.



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  1. summitloc
    summitloc says:

    You spelled snoqualmie wrong? This contest sucks already! The best part will be when the park staff gang bangs Brooke in the yurt.

  2. Shaunwhiteonlyplayspowerchords
    Shaunwhiteonlyplayspowerchords says:

    when one throw’s a contest usually you would mention what time and ya know… if it costs anything on the flyer…

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