Bush League: Zack Wilmot


A few years back Zack Wilmot’s riding was featured on the legendary blog Harsh Zeach to Scorpion. Since then, Zack has studied the works of the master of zeaching, Zach Leach, and focused on honing the craft. Soon enough he will re-master the art of the swivel too…

Song: “I Touch Myself” – Divinyls

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    • Robert Smith's eyeshadow
      Robert Smith's eyeshadow says:

      Yesssss. If you are going to pretend it’s possible to do a blunt slide on a snowboard not sure what’s stopping you from embracing snowboarding’s smith/feeble.

  1. Justin's bong
    Justin's bong says:

    Oh I get it. The anchor man intro was describing the quality of the edit, because it was awful due to the zeachs

  2. cockblaster3000
    cockblaster3000 says:

    jackie chan getting it hard body. we out here. whatchall know bout the zeach game? geetweeteet

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