And Finally, Last Call 2014!

East Coasters go hard. It doesn’t matter if the park is a block of ice, it’s well below zero, or anyone is paying attention. When it comes to riding snowboards, the kids who call New England home are going all out. So when you throw in a next-level set up and a few hundred homies to watch and shred with, magic happens. This is what makes Eastern Boarder’s Last Call at Loon Mountain the most anticipated East Coast event of the year, every year.

On St. Patrick’s Day 2014, the Loon parks crew had assembled an especially unique playground for the participants of the event. Instead of standard jumps, the set up featured two channel gaps (extra high consequence thanks to the rain and subsequent deep freeze that happened over the weekend.) The rail section offered more options than an all-you-can-eat buffet, and in a big change from years past, the final section featured frontside and backside hips into NH’s only Superpipe.

The temperatures hovered somewhere in the teens, and the snow was nearly see-through, but you’d never know it from watching. Shirts came off, feet came out, and in general just about every option was explored. Over the course of the three hour-long sessions, there were more tricks than at a whorehouse. Last year’s champion Tyler L’hereux was enlisted to lead this brave souls in determining who would be victorious and take home cash money and when all was said and done, Zach Normandin was crowned the champ.

Despite a total disregard for personal safety from most participants, there was only one major injury. Travis Neuenhaus, who’s face was already bloody from the jump section, sent it a little too hard into the pipe and was carted off with a busted shoulder. However, after killing it all day, he was awarded with second. And rounding out the podium was Shaun Murphy, earning a little redemption after last week’s C.O.M.P. It should also be mention that this year’s estrogen contingent was the largest and most impressive to date. Norah Healy took top honors for the ladies.

After an intense weekend of East Coast competition, Last Call was the perfect way to end my trip. Thanks as always to Eastern Boarder for a bitchin’ time. Until next year, I will miss you, East Coast.


Crab Grab Free Seafood Dinner: Chris Dapaula and Brendan Gerard

Crab Grab Last Place award: Rob Halowell

Section Standouts

Jumps: Ryan Herkowitz
Rails: Luke Haddock
Halfpipe: Merrick Joyce


1. Norah Healy
2. Elin Tortorice
3. Katie Kennedy


1. Zach Normandin
2. Travis Neuenhaus
3. Shaun Murphy

And until a full edit drops, here’s a little iPhone tease from Alex Andrews to tide you over.

  • hoodsavage

    that double tail grab murphy did was SICK

    • boom

      it’s called blood dracula, if you didn’t know. but yep really sick.

      • hoodsavage

        welp, I learned something new today…thankyou

  • James Randklev

    That god damn gravedigger is out of his mind

  • Thanks to everyone that came out. Huge thanks to Loon and their LMP crew, Gnu, Oakley, Analog, 32, Redbull, Ass Industries, Crab Grab, Krush, all of our long time friends and extended EB family that make this event happen every year. We don’t see you guys enough. Heal up quick Travis!

  • b

    photo’s came out rad brooke!

    • Thank you! Ashley gets most of the credit though!

  • java

    That Rob Halowell looks like he has the making of a fine champion.

  • bubbles

    yeah murph

  • Chris Depaula

    Lol my name is Chris DePaula not Chris depaulo

  • mountain school kid

    i started smoking because of brendan gerard

  • mountain school kid

    and shaving my chest

  • Chris Depaula

    i’m so fucking relevant.