Yawgoons 12


It’s as magical as it sounds.

Snowboarding at Yawgoo Valley with Dylan Gamache, Brian Skorupski, Marcus Rand, and Scott Stevens.
Film/edit: Dr. B
Additional Filming: Marcus Rand, Roobs
Song: Bombay by El Guincho


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  1. jamie anderson
    jamie anderson says:

    dylan! sage told me how good you are!! i wanna find you an shuv your whole body deep in my puss and then queef blast you to the moon

  2. Chang's Massage, Pawtucket, RI
    Chang's Massage, Pawtucket, RI says:

    hey goons! come down to chang’s massage and get a hour massage by the magical hands of Takuma Sudo..FOR FREE!!..(yes he will jerk you all dry)

  3. popciclefart
    popciclefart says:

    I agree, sleepy didn’t do it for me this time. The other edits gave me more of a rager.

      • ...
        ... says:

        since when is that considered blowing it up?! It was good fun edit in all but Im sure I have seen scott do all those tricks in several edits already…

  4. Hue
    Hue says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Scott Stevens was sent to Yawgoo to see if Dylan Gamache was actually real?

  5. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    godddddamn. always the best fucking shit on the internet. those reverse carves are so fucking hard, yet look so easy.

    i love scotty, but im gonna say it…it’s almost like even he couldn’t keep up with the yawgoons creativity. i’ve seen him do alot of that before…where as every yawgoons shit is that new new. just sAYIN.

    yawgoons make my life complete.

  6. Stinkyshellyktown
    Stinkyshellyktown says:

    Dylan’s riding makes me want to give him herpes and settle down with are child. I’d leave the mountain for him. So wet right now

  7. NO, Guys, really, it's me Black Donald
    NO, Guys, really, it's me Black Donald says:

    no really its me black Donald…I pulled that giant chain out to the bunny hill, dolo….with no shirt on…hulk Hogan we comin for u niga

  8. every 12 year old that snowboards
    every 12 year old that snowboards says:

    I would drag my nuts 5 miles on steaming hot concrete while being forced to listen shitty country music just to hear Scott Stevens fart through a walkie talkie

  9. niggas in the parking lot
    niggas in the parking lot says:

    saw skroupski given handys for video parts this weekend in the parking lot at killington

  10. Smoneyg
    Smoneyg says:

    Capita struck gold when they put these fools on early… I just hope these cats left RI long enough to get some clips for DOA 2

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