The 2014 C.O.M.P. Edit


Here’s the much anticipated video from the C.O.M.P. at Carinthia. If you missed Pat Fay’s excellent write up, be sure to check it out here.

Edit: Dylan Demers

  • Jim Shorts

    lol at girls pro…

  • Trillbo Swaggins

    2:20 jesus how do you fuck up a back board that badly

  • Uhhh

    Well it wasn’t backboard at 2:20, it was halfcab nose press attempt to face….

  • ebucksucks

    Elliot sucks.
    those kids got robbed.

  • Sporter Neil’s Father

    You have got to be kidding me. My dam son was hucking is carcass around all dam day and didn’t manage to win! This is absolutely outrageous. Sporter we have a lot to work on buddy. What did i tell you back flips onto rails don’t win contests or get you best trick. YOU ARE GROUNDED FOR 2 WEEKS BUCKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bubbles

    dee ee ecent