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Karly Piper Shorr is someone that we should all keep our eyes on. She represents a rather interesting opportunity for women’s snowboarding. Raised in Milford, Michigan, Karly grew up riding a relatively obscure hill called Alpine Valley. It’s rather unfortunate that, up until now, she has sort of paralleled her home resort’s obscurity. She has shown up at a number of big time slopestyle contests and proven herself to be a true heavy hitter. This year her hard work paid off and earned her a spot on the US Olympic slopestyle team and ended up placing 6th in Sochi. However, she placed number one in my heart because I’ve known her for a while and once you know what she had been through, and how fucking rad she really is, you’ll be just as hyped on her bright future as I am. Plus, she’s a babe. That’s right. Ya girl’s booty is so hot you could boil water on it and her smile is cute enough to pacify an angry mob. I submit that if Webster’s dictionary has an entry for “Wifey Material,” they should just replace it’s contents with a picture of her. I present to you.. your next #WCW.

My first question.. the one I am sure is on everyone’s minds.. How was the tinder game out in Sochi? Did you match up with any hotboiz?

Hahahahaha, I usually never go on tinder but one of the girls had convinced me to spend a bit more time on it.

Well.. Who did you match with?!

Oh god.. really? Uh.. it was pretty random. I just sort of flipped through really quickly every once in a while but I matched up with some of the slopestyle skiers. They seemed pretty into it. Oh, and Torstein (Horgmo). He’s such a nice guy. He was helping me figure out my run and he’s just a sweetheart. I’m so bummed he got hurt.

Did you hook up with any of your matches?

Of course not! Hahahaha.

How did you prepare yourself for something like this? I feel like the Olympics is a shit ton of pressure. It’s the cliché “Eminem on 8-mile” moment for someone as unknown as you. How did you manage to keep your cool?

I didn’t really do anything different than what I normally do. I really like competing. I feel like a lot of people don’t and I understand that. If I wasn’t having fun then I wouldn’t be doing what I do. Obviously I was a bit nervous, but all-in-all it was just another really cool adventure for me already so I guess the journey made the results not matter as much to me going into it. I spent a lot of time just riding powder with my friends from the US team in the days leading up to it and I had so much fun! We were charging! I guess ending up in sixth was sort of just the cherry on top haha.


Which song did you listen to during your run? For me, I feel like that would be a crucial decision.

Hahahaha oh my gosh.. I actually almost always go with Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors”. It’s perfect. It’s like 8 minutes long so if there’s a hold at the top or bottom of the course I don’t have to change the song at all. It’s so relaxing, that helps a lot too. It’s kind of funny, but I kind of consider snowboarding to be my boyfriend and this is “our song”.

That’s awesome! I actually questioned at one point whether or not I could marry snowboarding. Can someone marry a concept or activity like that?

I have no idea!

What is interesting to you in snowboarding?

Honestly? It’s just the snowboarding; how I ride, how I learn, and how I can try to emulate other riders that inspire me. All I want to do is keep trying new tricks and keep learning as much as I can about snowboarding, because it is literally so layered and I am so curious.

It’s fun because it feels like I’m 8 years old and I get to go to school and see all of my friends except I’m snowboarding and it’s way more fun than math class.

You get to the mountain every morning see all your homies ride all day then everyone gets tired and goes and does what they do, but snowboarding is the constant part of our life. It’s the one and only thing that is always there, and that we all always want to do.

Sharing something with other people who love it just as much as you do is not a connection that you can find very easily; especially when it’s as fun as snowboarding is.


What is your biggest disappointment of women’s snowboarding?

Uhhh probably the fact that everyone always asks whats disappointing in women’s snowboarding. I think women’s snowboarding is pretty rad; it’s fun, it’s simple, and we all love doing it. Plus we’re all friends, it’s a lot less stressful and intense than the men are. Mainly because the stuff we do is way easier than what they do. They do the most insane tricks, I can’t even imagine it. I mean I guess I wish that more girls would love it as much as the rather small group of us that do, for all the right reasons. BUT everyone is different, and sometimes it’s easy to get lazy in life. I wish that we would all come together, instead of hating on each other. We should all support any type of progression that we see on the mountain, then I think it will go places fast.

Can I ask you about the Olympics?

uhhh What about the Olympics? it was rad, I met cool people, got to see another culture, and snowboard… in Russia. It’s weird when you go to a different country with all of these people who you never really know at the beginning of the trip.. but by the end of the trip you have had a week in a different country with someone you barely knew. Now you’re lifelong friends, and you just created memories that you will forever remember, with those people who love exactly what you do.

There is nothing better than getting to go compete on the highest level possible, it was the most insane feeling. Huge TV cameras in your face, your heart racing so fast you can hear it perfectly clear, and you know everyone who cares about you is watching and that their hearts are pounding too. Especially my family, who cares about my life just as much as I do, and probably more most of the time. They’re the best. You just sort of stop thinking and smile, let the adrenaline go and let it drive you through each trick. Then all of a sudden you’re at the bottom and there’s more cameras in your face, especially if you land your run… then you’re in your bed and the day is over.

What impact do you think Olympic slopestyle will have on the snowboarding industry?

I think contests like this are important because it draws more people into snowboarding. It seemed to me like slopestyle was the highlight of the winter Olympics this year. I think that’s good because all this extra attention on snowboarding could inspire more people to pick it up and breathe extra life into the snowboarding community.

Also, I think the contest scene will change. As a lot of people already know, this year’s results in both slope and pipe seemed to reward style over everything and I think that’s great! Hopefully we will see more results like this in the future.


What’s the direction you want to take in snowboarding?

I want to be able to do snowboarding in more ways than just competitive slopestyle. I want to be the best at slope, but I want to be able to hit a hand rail, and to be able to shred powder in Tahoe well. That takes time, and I know that but I’m not planning on stopping snowboarding for quite some time. I figure if I just keep snowboarding and having fun, then the skill will come to me. It’s also important to me that I keep learning about the world I’m living in. To really embrace all that comes with it, and handle it in my own way. It’s a scary thing to try and get good at snowboarding, but once you conquer fears and get comfortable it opens so many doors for you.

What’s your favorite part about snowboarding?

Uhm. What’s not my favorite part about snowboarding. Just being able to participate in something in such an incredible setting.  I love just being outside with my friends engulfed by the mountains and surrounded by good vibes.

It’s the fresh mountain air that I get to breath every single day, and waking up early to coffee and putting your socks on. It’s having fun with your friends, trying new tricks, jamming out, and just laughing a lot. It’s just being outside, and knowing that you’re doing something that is healthy for your body and your soul; something that you’re happy about.

What’s next for you? Do you have any particular plans for the future?

I just want to keep pushing it and be able to back myself up. I want to show people that I didn’t just have a lucky couple of weeks. A lot of people thought I came out of nowhere. People seemed surprised that I qualified for Sochi, but I was pretty confident I would make it. It just felt right.

I guess ultimately I just want to snowboard as much as possible. So if I can support myself snowboarding by snowboarding that would make me pretty happy.

Oh, also I want to ride powder more! I love it but I’m not very good at it. It’s a pretty awesome equalizer for me. I’ll do good in a contest or something and think I’m hot shit for a second, then go ride powder and get played. Hahaha, the result is me thinking I’m not as good as I thought I was. I want to try and ride more street stuff too! I’ve had the opportunity to do it a few times before and it was so challenging! It’s super scary too! I think it would be really cool to ride with some of the “Too Hard” girls or something. I think that would be really fun.


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    She’s cute.

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    Great outlook. Snowboarding needs to be driven by people like her. I am happy that she is breaking out into the lime light, and I am excited to see what she will do for women’s snowboarding.

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    This girl rips

  • gimme dat ass

    This girl rips.

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    “it was the most insane feeling. Huge TV cameras in your face, your heart racing so fast you can hear it perfectly clear, and you know everyone who cares about you is watching and that their hearts are pounding too.”


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  • Yeah Karly! You’re doing it right, keep it up sister! @theradicalnature for life

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