Cooper Whittier Gets It


At 12-years-old, Cooper Whittier has snowboarding figured out. Now if he can just learn to tweak those methods.

Edit: Ben Bishop

  • Jason P

    “If you’re not having fun, well that’s just transportation.”


    Damn you inspirational pre-teens!

  • butt lint

    i think this is super rad, but is anyone else tired of hearing “Snowboarding is all about having fun and riding with your friends”? i totally agree with that but it has become so cliche’

  • butt lint

    but he for sure knows whats up

  • T-diggy

    is this devun walsh’s child?

  • Mr. Myagi

    Style comes with time young one. Learn to Poke those grabs baby boiii

  • chea pets

    the weird thing is this kid kills it on skis too.


    sickest part about this dude is that hes not riding a tiny board. looks like hes trying to handle a bigger stick. KUDOS

  • not himm

    alex kirkland is 11 and better than u

    • Show us whats up

      Maybe Alex Kirkland should put up and edit..

      • Michael Jackson

        be an interesting people court right there!

  • DopeNinja

    Kids an inspiration! and he’s got the right attitude. but if its all about having fun with your friends WHERE ARE ALL YOUR FRIENDS?!

    • filmer

      He’s homeschooled, and we filmed this on two weekdays…