Bet You Can’t- Keystone


Ben Elliot attempts a backlip 270 out on the Z RAIL at Keystone. Yea Ben. That was like, so steee.

  • Denver

    Not gonna lie, that was sick

  • Mainer

    Shawnee Peak represent!

  • Damn, took him a sec but he layed that down. rahspect

  • Huh

    Pretty sick. It’d be better if more of the people were wearing a51 branded clothes though

    • nerds

      you’re just a retard obviously

  • Jeenyus

    That’s a tough trick.

  • @ huh

    It’s their work uniform you plug

  • Yungskooter


  • popciclefart

    i thought YAQUI boards were dead. Those boards blow!

  • white bear

    Blackbear at keystone? What is this.

  • mont

    some of these have been whack but that shit was rawwwwww. damn.

  • alex

    continuing two? first time ive herd that lingo brah

  • upstatemike.

    what the fuck is a “continuing 2”??? Sounds like some skier shit if you ask me. No thanks.