Red Bull to Spend Enormous Amount of Money on new Travis Rice Movie

If you’ve been sitting around wondering when the hell Travis Rice was gonna make a new movie, wonder no longer. After two years of pre production, location scouting, story building and otherwise preparing to make the greatest (or at least most expensive) snowboard epic of all time, Red Bull announced today that a follow up to the Art of Flight is in the works.

“This film is an incredibly ambitious project,” says Travis Rice while currently shooting on location. “After pushing the limits in ‘The Art of FLIGHT’ we knew that it would be tough to take it to the next level without seriously getting out there. I can’t reveal where we’re going yet, but I can say we are headed into the unknown, and it’s an entirely new approach to following winter for me. Our team is going all in on this one.”

Since no details about the movie have been released yet other than that it will be shot entirely in 4K ultra high-definition, we’ve decided to offer a few suggestions.

1. Travis Rice fights a bear with no weapons (and wins.)

2. In collaboration with Survivor, the crew spends 30 days in the tundra with strangers doing snowboard challenges.

3. The fancy new cameras catch actual footage of Sasquatch…. and aliens.

4. Entire section filmed on Mars.

5. Cameos from Seal and Justin Bieber.

6. Two words: Quad Corks.

7. Fuck heli drops, let’s see some Helicopter tow-ins.

8. Get James Earl Jones to narrate. Or Morgan Freeman.

9. Use wild wolves (or moose, or polar bears, or eagles) in a dog racing harness as a bungee

10. Build a gap from Alaska to Russia. Let Sarah Palin watch from her porch.

11. Fly an assortment of zoo animals into the backcountry and have Travis bonk all of them.

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  1. Thievin
    Thievin says:

    Yobeat you cant just steal the animal bonk idea from the ICKS movie Ding Bat and not give them credit. You get zero points on the assignment, and I’m gonna have to call your parents.

  2. Cascadia411
    Cascadia411 says:

    Helicopters and airplanes are 2000 and late. Make it interesting and use 1900s technology like hot air balloons, blimps and snowshoes, or maybe that split board promodel no one has seen him ride since before The last 2 year shred saga.

  3. locs
    locs says:

    My friend works at Brain Farm and they have this shit scripted and everything. I talking a several hundred page movie script done before any filming was done…they are on a whole different level of movie making! Sick cast of riders as well!

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