Hump Day Bears with Brett Wilkinson



Interview by Skyler Riley

A lot of people grow up watching Sunday in the Park and dream of riding the park at Bear Mountain. Baby faced Brett Wilkinson is living that dream and you see him doing it every week in the Sundays. He’s got a bag of tricks that will steal your girl even on Valentines Day, believe me. Coming out of Anaheim Hills, Brett has been ripping up Bear for some time and this is his True Hollywood Story.

How old are you and how’d you end up at Bear Mountain?

I’m 26 and Bear was close to home and it was the place to be. I grew up watching the old park videos – Joe Carlino and Justin Meyer, those guys inspired me to go there. A homie of mine had a place up there and right when I got out of high school I went up there and rode every day, fell in love.

What’s your favorite thing about riding Bear Mountain?

The vibe, there’s a lot of friends! The temps and the fact the whole place is a proper park.

How’d you get good at jumps riding just Bear?

A few years ago I really wanted to learn to jump and knew Bear didn’t have what I needed. So, I thought it would be a good idea to live at Sawmill and shred Northstar everyday, when the DC Park was there and Northstar was cool. I got a job working at the Cafe there, worked for two weeks, and ended up quitting so I could ride everyday. Met a lot of people, Lazz, Jye, Dante, and the Virginia twins to name a few. Also, the Boreal night sessions were the best night riding times I’ve had in my life.

Why do a lot of people call you Hollywood?

(Laughs) Cause I don’t know, (Laughs) I don’t know how to put it in words.

Melon Head P. Kyle Schafer

You have a pretty lazy style, who and what influences you the most?

Damn, Chris Bradshaw is a big influence. Dave Downing, Danny Davis, Mike Casanova, Grendys, Jed, and definitely Keegan. Seriously, all the the homies too! Trap music, poppers, Beagle, Three Six Mafia, and watching skate/snowboarding videos.

Poppers or Moles?

Poppers all the way – shootout Popper Al!

Last year you were testing boards for Burton and now you’re part of the Knowbuddy program,
how’s that going for you?

Really sweet, I was testing out boards and that was really fun. Product development is a serious future career I want to pursue. The Knowbuddy program is awesome too, I’m blessed to be a part of it! The boards are really good and I love everybody on the team – Tommy and Brady are good friends of mine. Those guys are the illest dudes and made me want to be a Knowbuddy.

What’s the deal with this Burton trip to Tahoe?

It’s a west coast trip from Big Bear to Boreal and I’m super stoked to be on a RV trip with Marko Grilc. I’m hyped to get out of Big Bear and hang out with the Burton dudes.

Speaking of last year, how was your first time summer riding?

It was the best experience I think I’ve ever had. I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to do it and now that I have, I’m hooked. My homies, Skyler and Lenny (Mazzotti), road tripped with me up to Whistler to meet up with some of our friends that we met in Big Bear last season. I got to meet a lot of cool people, met the FootyFiend guys, and rode the public park with those guys. Public park was awesome because everyone was there and no one was riding COC. After Whistler, we stole a Canadian, a little 14 year old named Quinn, and drove down to Hood to stay in Govy and camped off Timberline with some friends from Whistler for 3 weeks. I got to hang out with Tommy and Brady at the Burton Demo Center and we even got a little trippy. Riding High Cascade everyday was a lot of fun and I poached Windells a couple times.

Front Blunts for insta-stunts

Are you going back this summer?

Yea definitely. I’m hoping to stay at the Demo Center and ride at least a month in Hood. I want to be up there as long as I can. Also, I’m planning on riding Whis in the spring time.

(Jordan Small walks in with some Carls Jr.)
Jordan: What are you going to do other that riding this summer?

I’ll be doing a lot of skating at the Brea park with my homie Ryan Townley; and Active has a really good skate park in their warehouse too.

Other than Sunday in the Park, what other projects have you been working on this year?

I’ve been living at the Active house all year with Oliver, Richie, Skyler, Jordan, and Jeremy and we’ve been making these Sunset Liquor and Lotto edits. It recently snowed here in Bear (finally) so we’ve been able to hit some street and I’ve been working hard at putting some good stuff together.

He certainly knows the switch nose p. Kyle Schafer

Who gets the loosest at the house?

Oliver. Definitely. Times 2. Butt sex in my bed and he also came in from the hot tub to the house butt-ass naked with his junk tucked between his legs to make a mixed drink which was one of the funniest things I’ve seen. But we’re all pretty wild at the house.

A lot of people have stayed at the house, who has been the worst? The best?

The worst is easily the dumb bitches who try to stay here cause they keep everyone up all night and drink all of our alcohol. The best I’d say would be Chris Mullins, he’s the funniest dude with the biggest schemes. He also made really good omelets and was the best to snake lines with.

Heard you guys had a break in, what happened?

This fucking peeps Canadian guy comes into the house around 3:00 in the morning when we’re all sleeping and grabs a trash bag thinking he’s the fucking food drive Santa Claus. He takes all of our food from the fridge and cabinets, and takes it up to the Canada house and gives it to them like its Christmas. Long story short that idiot is now banned from not only our house but also the Canadian house.

What’s the deal with this Canadian house you’re talking about?

AKA the Popper Den – The same group of Canadian friends from last year came back to Big Bear and they live 5 houses up the street from us so we have prank wars with them all time. Our house has probably over 1000$ invested in airsoft guns and we have Canada vs America battles that get pretty serious sometimes.

The ol’ Wilkyboi slide p. Kyle Shafer

On the topic foreign people, I hear that you only hook with foreign girls?

Yea, keep it foreign but don’t marry foreign cause they ain’t too smart.

I know you like hand rails but what’s this about you stealing one?

(Laughs) So, I thought it would be a good idea to take my dad’s work truck and go to the local skate park where there was a perfect hand rail to snowboard on. Went there in broad day light with hacksaws and sledge hammers and tried to break the rail out of the ground. Some dude on a golf cart saw us and called the police so we ditched everything and bailed. As we were driving away from the skate park, the police started chasing us and we got pulled over. I ended up having to do community service and probably won’t try to steal a rail in broad daylight again.

(Canadian guy who broke into the house last week comes into the house apologizing about the break in and gives back all the food along with a 36 rack of MillersGD – [Seriously can’t make this up])

Any ways, how many bowls of ice cream do you eat per day?

Ohh, Bowls? You should probably start with how many pints of ice cream do I eat a day cause I can eat at least half a gallon a day but it gets pretty expensive.

What are your future goals?
Filming a good street part and getting more into product development with Burton.

How has filming street in Big Bear been?

Its been good and bad. My roommate Jeremy got hurt pretty bad on a down flat down, trying a front board. It was pretty traumatizing seeing him bleeding from the head and his eyes rolling back. I thought he actually might die but he’s doing better now. On the other side, we’ve been getting at least a shot a day and we’ve had some exciting run-ins with the police. Today a cop came to the spot and instead of writing us a ticket or kicking us out he gave me his Go Pro to mount on the feature we were hitting and then asked for my email so he could send us the footage – he was hyped.


Analog, Burton, Active, Revd, Nolan, Ashbury, Plan B(not the skate brand). Shout out to Don Le, Jeff Kabigting, Dave Downing, Matt O’Connor, Bruce Willis, Futo, Andrew, Lance Hakker, the homies, everyone from Canada, Al Pops, everyone in the Active house, Austin, Ryan, Kevin, Mom, Dad, Meg, Keoni, and everyone else who helped me along the way.

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