Amy Purdy Will be Dancing with the Stars


Ever since Louie Vito shined on his DWTS appearance, we’ve been wondering when the  show would tap into snowboarding’s wealth of C-list celebs again. It seems, my friends, the time is now. Announced this morning, the snowboarder in the season 18 cast is Amy Purdy.

Never heard of her? Well here’s a quick break down. When Amy was 19, she lost both of her legs between the knees to meningitis. Down, but not out, Amy made her goal to snowboard again. She worked with her leg and foot builders to make legs that actually worked for snowboarding and pretty soon (ok, more than three years and a kidney transplant later) she was riding again.

At some point she began competing in Adaptive snowboard events, and co-founded the Adaptive Sports Association, which was instrumental in getting snowboarding (boardercross of all things) added to the Paralypmic games this year. Amy will be there competing, as well as a bunch of other people you’ve never heard about, but who’s stories of triumph will blow your mind.

Oh yeah, we forgot to mention Amy has also been in a Madonna video, posed for Nikki Sixx, ran the Amazing Race, been in a movie, and given a TED talk that went viral. In other words, she is carpe-ing the fuck out of that diem. If you want to learn more, watch the video below.

The Paralympic Games start March 9th. Dancing with the Stars premieres March 17th.

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    it would be a life achievement for me if I get to bone a hot girl who has removable legs… that would be hot.

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