Max Tokunga Wants Ice Cream for Hump Day


Photos: Paul Heran

On a daily diet consisting of waffles, ice cream, candy and one restaurant sponsorship, Stockton, California native Max Tokunaga’s radical skate influenced riding and easy demeanor has started to turn necks, encourage double shakas, hot lapping Boreal endlessly and of course, a life forever dedicated to Buddy from Elf’s mantra of, “Candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.” Don’t let the sugary facade fool you, though. Max see’s dead people, lives in Reno and hot tubs like he’s mafia elite, but most importantly he’s a snowboarder living positively just making turns along the way like all of us.

What did you see in the alleyway 2 years ago at Downtown Throwdown?

There was a Del tha Funkee Homosapien after party at the bar and I was not 21 at the time. So we went and got some beverages. We went to an alley to go drink them. There was this chick passed out in the alley way. This dude was telling us to walk away and not look. So we minded our own business and walked away. 40 minutes later we walked by him and this chick is out cold. Not looking alive. These dudes are picking her up and shaking her aggressively and yelling at us to keep walking again. So yeah, we pretty much saw a girl die in an alleyway.

How did you lose your snowboard virginity?

I just tried it one day. I skied when I was really little. And then I was really into skateboarding, so when I was eight my neighbor who snowboarded took me and I went up and tried it. We went to Dodge Ridge.

Is it true you never put your phone down?

It’s on the table right now, so yeah.


You have a few very childlike addictions one of them being ice cream.

I am addicted to ice cream. I eat ice cream everyday. Everyday no matter what. I have to every single day. I grab a bowl. I grab a spoon. I grab my ice cream of choice out of the freezer. I usually have 3 to 5 kinds of ice cream in my freezer at all time. I put 1 or 2 choices in a bowl and put whip cream on the ice cream with one layer of chocolate syrup and then I do sprinkles – usually those little rainbow balls or those blue sprinkle things go right on top. My mom gives me ice cream for breakfast when i go home and I am not kidding when I say that either. It’s my grandma’s special. We do a waffle and then we pull out the ice cream and put the ice cream right down the middle and then you fold the waffle in half, flip it over so it doesnt open up then add chocolate syrup.

I heard your 21st birthday party was the end all to be all.

Well, that was short and sweet. I had class all day till 9pm. I started having some beers at my house and then we went downtown and I blacked out in half an hour. I thought I was at the bar for 45 minutes but I was really there for like 4 hours and don’t remember anything.

Whats the best thing about living in Reno, Nevada biggest little city in the world?

The best thing about Reno is Thirsty Thursday’s. Get out of class with the homies, go grab some BC – that’s the UNR freshman dining hall where you can go hustle a slice and get free food and you just eat all you want. Then we go to Nick Brewer’s house, aka DJ Dickrub and we drink heavily and listen to music. Then we go to this bar called The Wall and we just party the night away.


You could be a spokesperson for Boreal. Share a good story.

I just remember 4 years ago opening day when Boreal was popping with all the homies and we were having snowball fights in the liftlines. You could throw or snowballs 2 lifts forward or two lifts back. Those were really fun times at Boreal. The bhappy films times were always the best. Woodward Tahoe is the best all summer because you can skate and swim in the lake all day with your friends. It’s a cool place.

Tell us about DJ Tokenuggets.

Dj Tokenuggets is me after a few drinks and I just play really shitty music that’s fun to dance to. A lot of Ja Rule, a lot of Keisha – just good stuff. DJ Tokenuggets likes to drink beer. Just beer.

What was it liked growing up in the hood of Stockton, California.

I thankfully didn’t grow up in a bad part of Stockton. My parents live in a pretty sweet spot and I got lucky. I just liked to skateboard a lot. And snowboarding is fun and I met up with all the bHappy kids and when I would come up to shred in high school i would always try to meet up with them. I met Ben Strause really early on and then one day we met Paul Heran, Sammy Spiteri and Bryce Hymans at Kingvale when it was still around. It was really fun hanging with those dudes and that’s why I do what I do today.

Why are you better at skateboarding than snowboarding?

They both are really fun. I like to do both. I like my break in the summer from snowboarding that’s why I skateboard. Woodward Tahoe is cool for snowboarding the first couple weeks of summer. The rest of the summer I can just skate. I just get the itch to skate in the spring. I take trips to San Francisco on my days off. I try to skateboard in Sacramento a lot. I like my break from snowboarding. I like to do both.

Growing up did you ever see videos of John Cardiel snowboarding?

Yeah, I remember seeing him riding Boreal with cars on the runs. That shit was sick.

Jibassic Park was awesome! What have you been doing to curb your addiction to Chipotle?

My addiction just got worse because Reno got one 2 weeks ago, so I can go whenever I want now, which is really bad. Paul just walked through the room with no pants on. Just a hoodie.

How important is hot tubbing in your day?

Hot tubbing comes between the snowboarding and ice cream eating. It’s very important in my day. Just soak it in for a bit. Just the dudes. Sometimes we get Tim Eddy and his girlfriend Hannah in there. Always good to add to the conversation.


When you are in the kitchen and Mr. Paul Heran is near the pantry, how does it make you feel?

I get really nervous ‘cuz he eats all my candy and ice cream. He is going in the pantry as we speak and it’s freaking me out. Paul eats it all here and then I go to his house and there’s no candy in the pantry so I get pissed off.

Who is Steezmon?

Steezmon lives for the steez. There is nothing better than living for the steez sometime and getting as steezy as possible in all ways. Just being the chillest dude. Being the chillest dude on the hill, at a bar or just whatever. That’s the steezmon!

What does snowboarding mean to you?

Friendship. I just really like to be with my friends, that’s why I keep doing it.

With this low tide meager drought style season affecting Tahoe how have you kept the stoke alive?

I have been going to Squaw a lot lately and just remembering what turning my board is like. I know it’s super cliche to say these days and everything, but seriously just not riding a park and riding a mountain is really really fun and makes you enjoying snowboarding again. That’s been really fun for me.

It would be rad to have a bone zone in Tahoe.

That would be really really sick. Maybe one day. We had plans to do so this fall but we started kind of late and we lost motivation but i think we might come through with something this fall.


Do you have any of words of wisdom for the yobeat faithful?

Keep boarding. Have fun. There is more to life than just snowboarding. Just go out and enjoy it all and make sure you are having fun with your friends.

What is the ultimate Max Tokunaga hump day?

Wake up. My Mom is in the kitchen making waffles and ice cream. There’s pow outside. I go board Squaw with my Dad and some of the other homies. Then it gets really really sunny and slushy for some reason, so I got to Boreal and board in the evening with all the other homies and ride sick park. Then go to Woodward and skate, so I could get skateboarding and snowboarding in one day. Go home. Hot tub. Eat a little ice cream. Figure out what I am going to eat for dinner. Probably go to Jax at the Tracks. Then go back home and probably hot tub again, eat more ice cream and then go out with the under dawgs and just dance party the night.

Who are your Sponsors?

Nitro Snowboards, Airblaster, Spy, Jax at the Tracks, Boards N Motion

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  1. Deebs
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    I’ve been to a DJ Tokenuggets show at a house party. The house got torn apart because of his musical stylings… Yeah mavi!

  2. Spenciepoo
    Spenciepoo says:

    Theres more to life than just snowboarding, there finally someone else said it. I dont know you personally max but i want to. I love you

  3. WOAH
    WOAH says:

    I think he might be my soul mate…just saying like Ice cream ,hottubing , shitty dance music, skateboarding, AND snowboarding where the fuck have you been all my life.

  4. SmoneyG
    SmoneyG says:

    I’m also from the San juaquin valley and still ride shitty dodge ridge on the reg. so sick to see someone from the area on the come up. Pretty sure he’s the only one from the Central Valley doing it.

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