The Weekend Mashup Madness


What do Canada, Sweden, Yawgoo Valley and Bear Mountain have in common? They’re all featured in this post, duh.

Nuulife Cinema’s Wildlife Episode 1

Featuring riding from: Jason Gretzinger, Gordon Emery, Wiley Tesseo, Eric Poulin, David Kinskofer, Ryan Paterson, Darcy Sharpe, Andrew Wood, Adam Franks, Kyle Stainton and Jeremy Melanson

The Other Guys at Yawgoo 3

Riders: Allen Santucci, Brandon White, Joe Marfeo and Kyle Gallup
Song: Ludacris- Number One Spot
Filmed by Hans Stuting

WormLyfe’s Mixtape #3

Riders- Jared Beck, Chad Blau, Brendon Krainer, Aaron Oquendo, Chris Reitsma, Dilan Phu, Jon McDonald, Ian Sams, Nick Tro, Stephon Deifer, Tom Bennett, and Kyle Chudoba
Film – Kevin Lonergan
Edit – Kevin Lonergan and Nick Tro

Bloody Sunday Episode 3.2

Riders in order: Markus Hjalmarsson, Pontus hjemdahl, Kevin Hedlund, Olle Lundström, Alan Lelieveld and Joakim Rasmussen

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  1. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    I’m mad that kid didn’t say Naragansett for a beer…is there even any other beer worth drinking in RI??

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