People’s Court: Samuel Pelletier vs Ryan Ting


We’re in the heart of the winter now which means some solid edits are rolling in.


The winner of this week’s battle will receive a Yobeat Apparel shred bucket hat and don’t be a pussy tshirt. Want to be a part of the People’s Court? Send your edit to [email protected] You can be sponsored to enter, just not getting paid, son.


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  1. Ow my head
    Ow my head says:

    Almost couldn’t vote for Ting due to him using a chopped and screwed song…. thankfully his riding was good enough to make up for it

  2. Jake
    Jake says:

    Ting is winning because he has rap in his song and does the same tricks everyone else does at all the same set ups. Sams video was way more chill and not so cliche.

  3. ropetowsandrailriders
    ropetowsandrailriders says:

    Felt bad for the first kid every shot in the second edit was better on its own than the first edits whole edit although the spots were kinds cliché

  4. Totally Trevor
    Totally Trevor says:

    I’ve never met Ting, but I remember my friend who grew up riding with him posted one of his edits on facebook once, and the caption was “watch Ting do his Ting”. so he gets my vote.

  5. selena gomez
    selena gomez says:

    omg!! sam is to cute and have a nice style!! got my vote for sure!!! see u soon at mecdonald front ur block baby

  6. coogi
    coogi says:

    Sam is a G. He’s from butt fuck nowhere in Quebec, doesnt give a shit about how hd his footy is and rides for fun, he could for shure use some free shit.

  7. P-Rob
    P-Rob says:

    Ting’s shit is way more stylish. Sam doesn’t bend his legs ever, and that method to rail was gayyyy. Ting’s was on point!

  8. community college
    community college says:

    looks like someone went to the library to rack up there votes! enjoy the cool/sweet/trendy hat n shirt bro!!

  9. dan
    dan says:

    ting kills it I literally have no idea how sam won… zeaches zeaches zeaches. shame on you for even posting that

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