Stoned on the Slopes!

This just in: people in Colorado are smoking weed WHILE they ski and snowboard. And not only is this illegal, it’s just plain dangerous! Inside Edition uses hidden cameras, prodding interviews and other investigative techniques to get to the bottom of this crisis.

Update: Thanks to this lovely report, one of the shacks featured has been dismantled. Nice one, dudes.

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  1. Shaun
    Shaun says:

    Never in my 20 years of snowboarding have I ever seen such blatant disregard to the rules as what I saw in this report.

    I mean, that dude is fucking chiefing that joint like no tomorrow. IT’S NOT A MICROPHONE.

  2. KC KYLE
    KC KYLE says:

    hahaha all these people they interviewed are complete kooks this is great. Definition of 95% of everyone in colorado right in this video.

  3. Richard Dawkins
    Richard Dawkins says:

    Someone show these guys magoon at superpark 17 and they’ll see it only causes one to express their true feelings with the same intention, yet vastly different medium, as the great Mirza Zupljanin.

  4. oh long johnson
    oh long johnson says:

    Wow, media hit the jackpot getting to ride with those two idiots. 99% of the people i know can ski and ride just fine stoned…and not crash in to each other…wow.

  5. HaterMcBaiter
    HaterMcBaiter says:

    This is why we can’t have nice things. Way to go scummit county. Now Vail Resorts will knock down Leos and pull your pass for no reason…. well they will pull your pass for no reason now, but you get the point.

    • A Chick From Breck
      A Chick From Breck says:

      I don’t think that those guys were from Scummit county… as you so eloquently put it… there are a lot of amazing people that live in Summit and would never pull something like that. My bet is those “boarders” were from Denver or Colorado Springs.

  6. ble
    ble says:

    Did none of you notice those last two kids were falling on purpose? Yobeat find those kids and do a follow up.

  7. atopotato
    atopotato says:

    Im news reporter or smth, but that moon almost, nearly crushed to the earth, i saw that, thats true… stupid system

  8. Wow
    Wow says:

    I can’t take any show seriously that ever had this jerk off working for them I didn’t know Inside Edition was still on TV.
    They act like these people weren’t all smoking weed on the mountain before the laws changed.

  9. steve the cat
    steve the cat says:

    I like how at the end they went and found those two assholes from ski school who had obviously never snowboarder or smoked before, and just got them crashing down the hill the whole time, it would have been much more impressive if they filmed the park chair.

  10. HaterMcBaiter
    HaterMcBaiter says:

    They knocked Leos down yesterday… And when I find the person who showed inside edition this two story smoke shack I will cut their balls off and stuff them down your throat so next time you shit you shit out your own balls.

  11. Letsinvestigateeverything
    Letsinvestigateeverything says:

    Take your pussy “investigators” and hidden cameras somewhere that real problems are occurring. Congratulations for destroying a place where we can get away from gapers and people like you. You will never be part of the real mountain community. Thanks for keeping us safe, we definitely needed it..

  12. dorian
    dorian says:

    You guys at Inside Edition are total jerks. Are you kidding me? How dare you? Why not go get pictures of people drinking beer and wine before they go skiing? I will never buy any products that are featured on your show, as that is my only way to protest against your program.

  13. Ski Patrol Luke
    Ski Patrol Luke says:

    From a Ski Patrollers standpoint I’d rather have some ride stoned then drunk any day. I’ve seen some people almost die cause they were riding drunk but never anything bad happen to someone riding high.

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