Hump Day Partyboats with Alexa McCarty


McParty enjoying a Sam Adams in the dirt. photo: Lauren Rudin

Alexa is the real deal. I’m not sure if she’s oblivious to nonsense or just ignores it, but it’s a trait that allows her to focus on what’s important. While others are talking and obsessing over useless details, Alexa is making things happen. If you’ve ever been curious who these ‘bad bitches’ are that rap music often refers to, read on, because Alexa McCarty is a bad bitch. — Taylor Boyd

Accents don’t come through in type, so tell us where you’re from.

I’m from Chicago, Illinois, and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

For those who’ve never snowboarded in the Midwest, explain what it’s like there.

In the Midwest, you’re riding the shittiest conditions, all the time. But you’re just so passionate about it. I would drive three hours on average, every weekend, just to go snowboarding and then just count down the days all week until I got to go back the next weekend to ride the same shitty little hill. When you come out West it’s all there and in front of you, but in the Midwest you just have to have that passion for it.

After high school, you did what a lot of Midwest kids do and headed to Colorado.

Yeah, I made my escape from the Midwest and moved to Colorado. First, I tried to go to college. I went to CU Boulder and used it as an excuse to get out West. Then I quickly realized college was just getting in the way of snowboarding. So, I moved up to Breckenridge. I moved in with Dylan (Alito), Josh (Bishop), Kyle (Hay), Chris (Sypert), a bunch of Colorado loc’ dawgs. They pretty much raised me from birth. Our house was a complete shit show, there were broken windows, there was no heat. There were seven people in a two bedroom, everyone was pretty much 17 or 18. It was pretty much a bunch of teens getting wild. How do I word that better?


Sometimes when girls start moving their snowboard in one direction, they have a hard time bringing it back the other way. Alexa defying stereotypes, and bringing it back to regular. photo: Ben Birk

Sounds good to me as is.

So, I lived with all those boys and I would attribute a lot of my… I would credit Dylan a lot as an influence on how I turned out, because he’s on a whole ‘nother level of not giving a fuck. He was pretty much my father more or less. A young 17 year old Dylan Alito was my father.

And after Breckenridge?

I realized I had to go to Salt Lake. It just seemed like the place to be. While I was living in Breck I took a trip there early season to ride Brighton and I decided, “Yep, this is where I’m goin’ next.” The following summer I got stranded in Oregon after a summer at Hood. Mia (Lambson) offered me a ride as far as Salt Lake. So, I got as far as Utah and decided to stay there. But it wasn’t until that first summer in Oregon that I fully realized that snowboarding was what I was gonna spend my time doing. I found the glitch in the matrix. I was like, “You can just be poor and snowboard all the time and have the happiest life? Why isn’t everyone doing this?” So then I just decided I was going to make that my life.

Is that when you became a jib gurl?

I think I’ve been a jib gurl at heart for years, but I’d say it wasn’t until last winter that I became a true jib gurl. I let a bunch of Alaskans take over my house and really my life in general. That’s when the jibbin’ really began.

Can you define term ‘jib gurl’?

A jib gurl is someone who tries their best but it’s just not quite good enough. Girls just wanna jib.

I like that definition. Tell us about the Alaskan house.

So, I got this house and Salt Lake happened to be having a great snow year, so all the jibbers were in town. First, Danyale moved in. Then (Brendon) Hupp, (Chris) Larson, (Chris) Brewster, and Scott Holland all ended up living at my house for the winter. Brewster was actually the one who coined the term ‘jib gurl’. Mike Mo pretty much lived there too. I don’t know how I’m not an Alaskan, those are my people. That house was all time. We laughed, we cried, we eventually got evicted.


That ass. Photo: Ben Birk

You’ve got a good story from that house, so go ahead and tell it.

Ok, so we’re all partying and it’s getting late and Mike Mo gets a little too drunk to stay awake any longer and proceeds to fall asleep in the middle of the party, on the couch, with his shoes on. He’s just face down, passed out. And we’re like, well, this is our time, our time to paint Mike Mo’s face. So Danyale and I get out all this makeup and nail polish and we just cover him, make him look glamorous ya know? Somehow, by the luck of… the Irish or something, Danyale takes the camera out and just gets seven minutes of the best footage we’ve ever filmed. At one point he sort of woke up and went “fuck!” So, ya know, we move away, act like nothing’s going on. Then he fully wakes up, just pushes himself up from the couch with his head and flips over the living room table. There’s bongs, bowls of macaroni and cheese, beers, laptops, a camera. All this stuff just goes flying, the table breaks, then Mike Mo just stomps out of the house. No one could’ve seen this coming. This was just the most shocking thing. Mike Mo doesn’t return for awhile and everyone’s calmed down; we’ve all watched the footage over and over, just loving it. All of the sudden, the door just swings open and low and behold, it’s Mike Mo with a look of fury in his eye. He just immediately runs over to Danyale and starts screaming at her. No one’s in party mode anymore and Mike Mo is just in literal rage mode and is just screaming at her. So I had to intervene. I was just like “ Hey man, it was both of us, it’s okay, I’m sorry, it’s whatever.” And I tried to apologize. So when he realized I had some involvement, he goes, “You did this?!” He saw my bong and just picks it up with both hands, holds it above his head like it’s the fuckin’ Lion King and just lets it go, and it smashes on the ground into a million pieces, then proceeds to walk out the front door, not to be heard from again until the next day.

That is somethin’.

And that was actually how we got Mike Mo to film us. I told him he owed me for breaking my bong.

I’d say it worked out: a bong for a filmer. Was that you who was topless in the Too Hard teaser?

It may have been, but who’s to say for sure.

You went to Israel on a birthright trip. What was the most interesting thing about that experience?

Yeah, I got to go for free because of my Jewish heritage. I think the craziest thing is that in Israel you go into the military when you turn 18. They have to do that by law, but they also accept it as something reasonable because at any point in time their country could be under fire. They know that they would all be dead if they didn’t (join the military), so they just accept it. They have so much conviction and they’re so willing to put their life on the line for their country. There’s very few people in our country that are willing to do that. I think it’s pretty respectable to have that much pride in your country. And beside that, Israelis don’t give a fuck! They’re all just living in the now, they all carry guns, they say whatever they want whenever they want to, they drive fast, they party… a lot.


It would be too easy to add a pun about wood and tail here. Alexa testing and pressing during Good Wood. Photo Ben Birk

Who has good style? Snowboarder or otherwise.

I literally watched Alex Stathis’s part from Givin 2 almost every single day last year before I’d leave the house. It was just a note to self on how to be better than I am. Other than that, Beyonce.

I know you have some stuff to say on the topic of women’s snowboarding, so I’m just going to let you take this wherever you’d like.

Alright, I’m just gonna get into the brass tacks of it. My three fundamental issues I see with women’s snowboarding:

First, I just don’t know if girls know how to ollie. I don’t know if they grasp the physics behind it. If everyone just stepped up their ollie game a little bit, it would be a lot easier for everyone.

The second issue I see is girls’ general knowledge of what’s relevant. I find that most girls just haven’t watched many video parts or even web edits. They just aren’t that knowledgeable of the sport. It’s like they just strapped on their snowboard and filmed some super mediocre park edit without any idea of where that fits into the larger picture. They just think, “This is snowboarding!” If you’re a snowboard nerd you know that shit’s just not okay. Then you have these oblivious girls just trying to “do them” and sometimes it doesn’t look good.

When doing you goes wrong.

Yeah, “When Doing You Goes Wrong: Girls’ Snowboarding Edition”

What’s the third issue?

I just don’t know if girls are doing it for the right reasons in general. I think a lot of girls need to have more fun snowboarding. If they had more fun, they would probably want to get better. Progressing is way more fun than sucking.


What can you say? She has nice melons. Photo: Ben Birk

Makes sense to me. Let’s talk about last season.

Last season was my first season trying to film a part, I’d never really even hit handrails before and I was just completely inexperienced. Danyale pretty much taught me everything I know about that aspect of snowboarding. It was mostly just her and I honestly. We had to do some ridiculous stuff. We had to bribe so many people to go film for us or pull the bungee. We would literally give people… substances. We’d show them spots in exchange for them to help us. I don’t know how it even worked out at all. It was just complete chaos. When the movie actually came out, I don’t think people knew what to expect, because I’m pretty sure a lot of people just thought we were drunk for four months.

What’s it like filming with a crew of girls?

Filming with girls can be a mess. You go to a spot with guys and right away everyone’s shoveling, everyone’s doing work to get it all together, and then everyone just starts hitting it, then everyone gets their trick and leaves. With girls, you go to a spot and it’s like,

“Let’s shovel this lip this way.”

“No, it needs to be changed.”

“Let’s add snow to the landing for 30 more minutes.”

Then, the second someone falls, there’s so much crying involved. Basically, girls will cry and there’s just no way they’re that hurt. It just seems a little ridiculous at times.

I know you cry sometimes, all girls cry. Everyone cries.

Danyale makes me cry sometimes.

So is it the presence of tits or the presence of emotions that makes it harder for girls to be good at snowboarding?

It’s kind of like the age old question, does having a pussy make it harder not to be a pussy? Plenty of guys talk about how if they were girls they would be super sick boarders or whatever. I don’t know about all that. There’s a whole plethora of variables that aren’t being taken into account. There are all these emotions, differences in testosterone levels, voices in our heads, overall softness in general. I certainly feel like being a girl in a male dominated sport makes it more challenging. That being said, I’d never use being a girl as an excuse… unless it’s to a police officer and I’m trying to get out of trouble. I’m just a girl trying to snowboard, which pretty much makes me like a cat trying to swim.


I don’t know what’s worse, having a dream catcher and furry dice in your car or on your skateboard. Alexa on the way from Truckee to Salt Lake via train. Photo: SKS

Are you the only female Knowbuddy?

As far as I know, I’m the only girl on the program. They even made me my own snowboard with a Knowbuddy graphic cause all the guys ones are… for guys. Burton is awesome. In terms of girls snowboarding, they have more support for us than any other company, in my opinion. I’m really hyped to be working with them.

It seems like riding for Burton has been a goal of yours for a while now.

Yeah, and lots of people over the past few years have been like, “You should probably stop trying to ride for them, they’re just way too big.” I just looked at it as a challenge I wanted to accept. I’m stoked on the program and with all the opportunities there, it just means I have to step up my shit. There’s really no other company I’d rather be riding for, honestly.

The Knowbuddy program seems to be pretty rail centric. Are you content staying in that realm?

Obviously, I’d eventually like to get to the point where I could just ride powder everyday. I mean, there’s nothing more fun that riding powder with your friends, but I’ve got a lot of work to before that happens.

Yeah, that’s the dream. By the time this is on the internet, you’ll be in Sweden.

Hide your kids, hide your wife! It’s my first rail trip ever and it’s to Sweden, so needless to say I’m really excited. I’ve even been trying to learn Swedish. It sounds like a mixture between Sean Connery and a Viking.


Does that sweatshirt say ‘super gay’? photo: Amanda Hankison

And you’re going to meet up with some Eurobabes over there?

Yeah, we’re going to meet up with some other jib gurls and they’re going to show us the ropes in Scandanavia. When we told them the dates of our trip they were like, “Oh, that’s good, but you should stay longer ‘cause we’re gonna go partyboating!” and we were just like, “We don’t even know what that is, but we wanna go.”

It probably involves partying on a boat, so I’m sure it’s a good time.

Probably like magic.

Alright, final words.

Snowboard because it’s fun. If you aren’t having fun anymore, then what’s the point? Thank you, Mom, Zach Nigro, Burton, Raw, Ass Industries, Stance, Danyale Patterson, and all my jib gurlz, keep grindin’.

For memes, pictures of free product, screen grabs of rappers, and the occasional photo of girls jibbing, follow Alexa on Instagram @allbusinessmccarty

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    Hey I was wondering what kind of riser pads Alexa uses on her sk8board. Im trying to get a pair but don’t know which brand to get, I was wondering if Termite was a good sk8board company to look into. Im kinda new to this so if anyone can help, please let me know

    • JahEerie
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      Kinda depends on a couple of factors:
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    It’s kind of like the age old question, does having a pussy make it harder not to be a pussy?

    WOW. Great interview, better human, all the best to you Alexa.

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    If only riding “powder with friends” equated to filming a part in the backcountry and if only it was all as easy as getting pounded out.

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