Freddy Perry’s Nordic Hump Day


FredrikPerry_06Shovel master. Photo: Tommy Larsen

I first met Freddy P aka Prince Dupree a few years back at the good ole Mount Seymour as an acquaintance of Sean Genovese. He seemed like a mellow dude with some loose style but I was reminded of his talents this year by a Yobeat legend by the name of Jeff Holce aka #theathlete. I received a bizarre Facebook message raving of Dupree’s underratedness and his ability to quote “switch bs dfds no big d” which is extremely impressive. I was also impressed with Holce’s ability to use acronyms, but that’s beside the point. After chillin’ with Fred in his native Oslo for the last two weeks and boozing hard in Germany with the kid, I realized Freddy is one to watch for sure.- Matt Heneghan

I mean, he couldn’t board the whole time due to a frail skeleton and poor choices, but he showed Geno and I a good time and a bunch of cool spots. He also filmed and shoveled and overall held it down! All hail Prince Dupree.

Name, age and hometown?

Fredrik Douglas Perry, 23, originally from Bryne, Norway but living in Oslo, Norway.

How many street fights have you and your dad gotten in?

Haha, only one. This last summer we were out drinking and we got really drunk. On the way home I was eating my baked potato when suddenly this idiot kicked me on the side of the leg out of nowhere. Baked potato went everywhere. My dad went mental but got thrown to the ground whilst I got a few punches to the face when I told him how fucking stupid him and his crew were. I just started laughing at them, and then some guy hit me again. It was just so stupid. Broke my nose and had to stick some cotton up it for 10 days, it sucked. Also got beat up two weeks later but that’s another story.

Who needs a landing? Switch Melon. Photo: Tommy Larsen

How come you are always hurt….

Man, I don’t know. Maybe its because I try stupid stuff and get too loose while Im trying it. Usually always hurting somewhere. I’m just a weak little boy.

Tell me about your R Kelly loving Mexican night having room mate Erik.

He’s a pretty hardcore skater, but he likes his shitty music. That crazy Mexican night taco eat off you witnessed does not happen that often to say the least. It was pretty funny. Don’t know how the hell Geno managed to sleep through that thing.

What’s it like riding for DWD?

Riding for DWD is the best. Such rad dudes to be involved with, and you really get a say for what goes on. Everything is mellow, and the team is rad. It’s just the sickest brand, period.

DT_Fredrik Perry_Sunset Oslo_MG_9977
Photo: Daniel Tengs

You love energy drinks. Do your lips get super ashy when u drink them?

I don’t ash.

You left a chunk of hamburger meat from your ass on a park rail. Describe.

That was insane. The gnarliest slam, pretty much. I fucked up and didn’t concentrate going onto this a-frame box with a gap, and missed it. Flew asscheek-first into the pipe on the next box. It cut through all my clothes and left some meat inside the pipe. Hit my head at the same time so I luckily passed out for a few minutes. The wound was about 4 inches deep, and the blood was just pumping out. Frode Sandbech held his hand on the wound for 45 minutes until the ambulance got there. A few minutes later when I woke up it was just so god damn painful. I mean, the pain is pretty intense when you start crying. Hey, only a little bit though.. I was so lucky, a few inches up I would’ve been paralyzed. Thigh or stomach – dead.

Assmeat. Photo: Frode Sandbech

What’s the Oslo scene like? Is Prince Dupree a legend in those parts?

Haha DuhPree. I usually know what’s going on over here, and I know most of the spots. It’s really good over here. Almost everyone knows each other so you can join any session. A lot of goods spots. Some spots the kickers are always up, and people are usually down with showing you spots you don’t know where are. That’s the good thing about a small scene. Not only Oslo, but you pretty much know or know about of every boarder in Norway – it’s a small country. You also got Oslo Winterpark, so you can go shred some park whenever you want.

Why does Danny Larsen bring a butchers knife to spots?

I don’t know. He’s got everything in that Louie Vuitton bag of his. He is super sketchy.

DT_Fredrik Perry_Duck_Boardslide_270_Oslo_PH Daniel Tengs
Boardslide 270. Photo: Daniel Tengs

What’s the d with the new Think Thank project? Leak some knowledge.

Think Thank want to mix it up a lil bit, and are making a second video this year. It’s gonna be a bit more documentary style with parts also. Only 6 riders, get some personality and weird ideas in there. Fewer riders makes that more possible. So hyped on them wanting me in it. Its insane! Those guys are the best. Right Turn Left Turn Teaser should be out one of these days……?

How was having Think Thank come thru Oslo last season? What do you think of Americans coming to your spots? Does it help the local scene?

It was super funny, a good crew came over. We got a lot of stuff done and everyone got shots. We were really efficient, and we hit mostly new spots which was good for me. I think it’s cool, I like helping them out, and it’s cool to see how people hit spots differently – or find new ones. I think it helps the scene for sure, pros come round and kids get to see them shred in their hood. Inspiration, dawg.

What’s ur fav Sub at subway? Why?

Wheat bread/turkey&ham/cheddar/lettuce/tomato/cucumber/garlic sauce/salt. It tastes good.

DT_Fredrik Perry_Extreme snowboarding_Oslo_PH Daniel Tengs
Getting extreme. Photo: Daniel Tengs

Who are the most underrated riders in Europe?

There are some for sure. I’ll go with Len Jorgensen and Erik Karlsson for now. They are really good and oh so stee. Watch out.

How often do you eat mackerel?

Sometimes/a lot. Mackerel and tomato is a traditional Norwegian breakfast I guess. It comes in a tin, and when you put in on bread and slap some mayo on there it tastes delish.

Is there really something about Geno?

There’s something about Geno. Everybody loves Geno. How I met Geno. Geno is just the man, a super mellow dude. He works hard and does shit right. Just the right amount of right. He’s also got the pinch and roll on lock. Oh and he shreds.

What’s the plans for the rest of the season? Get that ankle right and than stack?

Get my ankle, knee and ass right, and stack footy for Think Thank. Mostly Oslo and Norway for Febuary and I’m going to Anchorage late March. Really looking forward to that. Get some turns in, Howly Bowly, spring boarding. Just get super loose really, and get some ideas out of the system.

Mellow cow eye.

What was it like working in the slaughterhouse? Send over the pic of the cow eye!

It was really hard work, but still good. I got a sore back from moving a lot of heavy shit. It was fun to cut shit even though its pretty nasty. I washed a lot of cow stomachs and cut livers and cow dicks. It was a good experience I guess, haha.

Do you ever wish you were North American?

No. I’m down with being Norwegian. Oh, half Norwegian, half NZ.

Who is the greatest Norwegian snowboarder?

JP Solberg. He just has the sickest style and has done some wicked videoparts. Terje of course! Torgeir Berre is another legend.

Love hate or burning bridges?

Burning Bridges. I never owned Love Hate myself so I’ve seen Burning Bridges way more. I love those videos, so many god. damn. legendary. parts.

Resistance or true life?

Tough one. Both so sick! They are both up there as my favourite videos. Hmm. *crickets*

DT_Fredrik Perry_Nosepress_Oslo_MG_9716
Nosepressin’ Photo: Daniel Tengs

Who are you riding for these days?

Dinosaurs Will Die, Airblaster,, Burn Energy, Gnarly and Crab Grab.

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    Yuuuup pudding!!

  • neezyboy

    Yuuuup pudding!!!!!!!

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    I really hope he didn’t mean it when he insinuated that R. Kelly makes shitty music

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    Written by admin. Is that like Madonna? Or one of those other one name jerks?

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    Q: Gjøglete snowboardkjøring: Ja eller nei?

    A: Gjøglete? Ja. Stor ja! Men ka æ gjøglete?

  • Nicest guy in the industry.
    Plus he’s probably the most entertaining snowboarder to watch!

  • Lepre

    Fredrik, Your ender in the first ducksjen movie is one of my alltime favorite. I probably watched it for 2 seasons straight every day before going riding. And since I dont like riding with headphones, i sang aloud “rain” to get hyped up on the run in of my switch front board attempts on 4 inch high boxes. Thank you so much. Looking forward to your next part!