Dose: Searching for the soul of snowboarding

Network A’s show, Dose went to SIA this year and interviewed a list of legendary or influential snowboarders about their take on the Olympics and the current state of snowboarding. Corey Smith references some of the true innovators of snowboarding like Noah Salasnek, Damian Sanders, and even Justin Hebbel. And Jesse Burtner compares snowboarding in the Olympics to a Gladiator arena. Well said.



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  1. Jerm
    Jerm says:

    Actually some really good insights from the guys who have done and are continuing to do a lot to shape the current state and future of snowboarding.

  2. classic yobeat comment
    classic yobeat comment says:

    and corey smith seems like a pussy….the more shit i hear from him the less i want to go grab a spring break board.

  3. 1 boardin dude
    1 boardin dude says:

    Snowboarding has been around long enough that there are plenty of different ways to participate. Just because someone thinks it is stimulating to compete in a sport they love does not mean they are ruining it, that is just how they choose to participate (and, rarely, make a living). I like beating my friends at video games, winning/competition is fun, it’s the same fucking idea. I’m not saying we should embrace energy drinks and Target as sponsors of snowboarding, but it’s the 21st century man, you’re blithering about ‘soul’ and ‘creativity’ means nothing to the bottom line. Who finances the majority of magazines’ and videos’ production these days, ENERGY DRINKS. It’s a blessing and a curse ya dumfucks.

    Dear Corey Smith, snowboarding is NOT ABOUT BEING COOL, in fact, it IS NOT COOL. Yeah the filmer bro rail dawgs dress, look and act a lot ‘cooler’ than pipe jocks, but everyone ‘core dude’s’ mommy or daddy bought them all their shit and dropped them off at the mountain for their first time boarding. Everyone has to work their ass off to hemorrhage money each fall to get lift tickets and functioning equipment because this shit is FUCKING FUN, that’s it. You aren’t crusty fucking street urchins, you’re spoiled brats in a fashion show who’ve lost track of why you started this little hobby in the first place.

  4. chili_dawg
    chili_dawg says:

    y is curtis czesik waring a orange blanket?he is really young and i cant believe he has a second grader.

    i didnt no any of the names that cory guy mentioned lol. he seems cool tho i just dont know what he is talking about.

  5. WWD
    WWD says:

    Mr. Burtner BROKE that shit down.
    Corey, told it how it is.
    JP…I’d rather have a beer’s comment was the jimmy’s on top of the cup cake.
    Great, relevant piece YoBeat.

    MORE please.

  6. Luke
    Luke says:

    It’s strange that people equate the state of the snowboard industry and/or professional snowboarding with the state of snowboarding itself. Wittlake had it figured out years ago with working construction and deep-sea fishing in the summer to be able to ride in the winter. Your riding doesn’t need to depend on the acclaim and funding of casual snowboarders and/or the general public. It’s somewhat unfortunate that the limelight is currently being thrust on the most controlled and narrow avenues of participation, but that attention really has no bearing on what snowboarding is. Snowboarding is alive and well.

  7. Lame
    Lame says:

    As the master of style, Devun Walsh said…..ride more pow. If you poor or live in an area without pow….ride rails and act like a skater. Me, I’m hoping that snowboarding appears less and less cool with more triple corks, more Chinese halfpipe riders and even more corporate energy drinks. That way it appears lame and there are less people clogging my local Mtn. More pow for me and the rest of the people who could give a $hit how snowboarding “looks”….we’ve been riding before you knew what a snowboard was and long after you quit because you’re “over it”… Guess what ….you were never in it.

    • I'm an Idiot.
      I'm an Idiot. says:

      “drink water” is cool but what have they given to snowboarding, honestly? nothing but sweatshirts, stickers, and t’s. And its only a couple dudes who are “making money” off of it. You look at the shitty shit monster, rockstar, mountain dew, red bull produce, then look at the chances guys/gals get from those companies. They are doing a lot, yeah its corporate bs but what isn’t besides some hipster fags like corey smith starting a company then selling out and collaborating with super corporations that he is so against unless they are writing him checks.

  8. Corey Smith
    Corey Smith says:

    fuck energy drinks for giving kids oportunities, fuck successful companies, fuck anyone that isn’t lucky enough to ride pow, fuck capita super corporation…o wait thats right im a fucking hipster faggot that is nowhere near the level of noah, justin, or damian. but i do wear a leather jacket and make some goofy ultra expensive boards in my garage and apparently talk a lot of shit too. Corey smith for real shut the fuck up, Go drink another bottle of evian , ill be drinking mine from the tap, eating my ramen, running rope laps until death. Bitch!

  9. snarf
    snarf says:

    Corey Smith, “snarf snarf snarf….snarf snarf snarf. Snarf”

    That’s all i hear when that sell-out talks.

    Yes, Corey Smith “sold out” to super corps like 32.

    but at the end of the day who the fuck cares.

    Its actively pow’ing in CO for the first time in years… ima go ride more pow like my man Devun urged us all to do.

    • Andrew
      Andrew says:

      Whats so bad about 32? just because they are big, does that mean they’re bad?
      Still owned by Sole Tech which is owned by that one dude. (can’t remember his name french world class skateboarder)

    • Corey Smith
      Corey Smith says:

      Its not the selling out that erks me, its the fucking hipster standing there saying fuck this fuck that corporate this and that, he starts a cool sounding thing with spring break. Then puts on this front about being o so “core” when in reality he is hipstercrit. <—- worst kind of hipster.

  10. Ian
    Ian says:

    speaking of not knowing who fucking Justin Hebbel is, I would really like an update on how he is doing. Maybe a hump day? I’m not sure if anyone else would be interested, but he was definitely a childhood hero of mine.

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