Edit Andrew Brewer’s Part: The Official Results

What would an online contest be without a little bit of scandal? That’s why, after reviewing the online voting shit show that this became, we decided that everyone who received any votes will win a prize! Hooray! However, the voting meant nothing and top three have been official determined by Andrew and the boys from Technine. Without further ado, the winners are:

1st César Abadie

Technine Board and Bindings
A Jammy Pack
Eternal Gift Certificate
Yobeat Swag

2nd Andrew Guddat

Technine pants and jacket
A Jammy Pack
Eternal Gift Certificate
Yobeat Swag

3rd Maxwell Carl Scott

Technine Bindings
A Jammy Pack
Eternal Gift Certificate
Yobeat Swag

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest and our sincerest apologies for thinking an online vote might actually be the way to go about determining a winner!

  • igiveup

    still think all winners are way too over edited

    • duh

      Well it was an editing contest.

  • Sochi Judges

    This is exactly how we would’ve handled the situation. Give ’em the old curve ball.

  • Dom

    This is gay tell peter to give back the forum

  • dom’s gay twin

    This is peter tell gay to give back the forum

  • Yobeater

    Of course Andrew Gudat was a winner he filmed with Andrew brewer. I bet if Duane bratch and cole Taylor made an edit the would have one too.

    • Chewbacca

      If it was rigged they would of given Andrew 1st or 3rd.
      That motherfucker is way too big to fit into any outerwear.
      He’s like a less hairy version of me with less social skills.

  • diddle bag

    Miami Thunder returns, but instead of Cam its Brewer…….
    that was dope doe

  • note.

    i guess White should have stayed home and edited this at hopes for a win

  • Winner’s edit was good with full speed shots mixed with ramped slow mo’s but over edited, way too many film burns and wayyyyyyy too many mirrored shots, cool once, not cool 20 times… maybe I should have actually entered…

  • Chase Harley

    So I win shit?